Hands-On Exercise (Optional)

If you are interested in hands-on experience related to the content presented in this week, please follow the link to our SAP Solution Manager Media Center.
If you need additional information regarding the exercise landscape, please watch the video in Week 1 "Exercises and System Access".

In the SAP Solution Manager Media Center, you will find the following options:

  • Demo & Presentation Modes
    You can use these modes to run the process presented in this unit as a movie.

  • Try It Yourself Mode
    This mode enables you to go through the process presented in this unit in a simulated environment. The simulation moves to the next step only after you have performed the expected action.

  • Hands-On Guide & Demo System Access
    You can use this guide to repeat the steps in the demo on a live system. To log on to the SAP Solution Manager 7.2, please use the user and password provided on the Demo System Access tile or at the beginning of the Hands-On Guide. You can use the system to create your own data and familiarize yourself with the processes of each role in Focused Build.

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