Content and Material of Week 3

Dear course participants,

This week is the third week of our course: Be Visual! Sketching Basics for IT Business.

The first topic covers the use of materials in different sketching scenarios, and the second topic presents a set of useful objects. Ingo Rues will introduce the different materials and their features. He’ll talk about Post-its, A4/letter-size paper, and larger formats such as flipcharts and whiteboards. He’ll also explain which pens and markers to use in a given situation.

Tatjana Borovikov will walk you through a collection of objects that can be used for enriching Post-its, storyboards, and flipcharts. She has prepared objects from the area of workspaces, interiors and buildings, transportation, symbols, and text frames.

This week’s exercises will take place on a flipchart/whiteboard, and for the object sketching, you can work at your desk.

Materials for this week:

  • Approx. 2-3 sheets of flipchart paper
  • 1 round-tip/bullet board marker
  • 1 chisel-tip board marker
  • Sheets of blank A4/letter-size paper
  • 2 fine-point pens (Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker, edding 1200, or Stabilo Pen 68)
  • Black pen for sketching and writing
  • Lighter colored pen for shadows, highlighting, and delineating (screen sketches)
  • Post-its

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