Content and Material of Week 4

Dear course participants,

This week is the last week of our course: Be Visual! Sketching Basics for IT Business.

This week’s lessons will prepare you perfectly for storyboarding. It starts with people and movement, and ends with the topic of visual storytelling.

Anja Fehlau will show you how to sketch people with emotions. The focus then shifts to body language, and how to sketch people in different positions. As an exercise, you’ll start with your first storyboard – the story of Mr. Stickman.

The second topic of the week covers storytelling. Here, Anja will give a brief overview of the history of storytelling and how stories are designed nowadays. She’ll introduce tips and tricks from filmmaking and comics that can be used to create an appealing storyboard. You’ll learn about reference objects, movement in time and space, and camera distance and perspectives. The use of panels, which structure comics, will also be introduced.

The exercises involve designing you own storyboards based on given sentences.

This week’s exercises will take place at your desk.

Materials for this week:

  • Sheets of blank A4/letter-size paper

  • 2 fine-point pens (Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker, edding 1200 or Stabilo Pen 68)

  • Black pen for sketching and writing

  • Lighter colored pen for shadows, highlighting, and delineating (screen sketches)

  • Post-its

  • Printed templates for this week

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