The Flip-Chart Challenge

Exercise: The Flipchart Challenge

The exercise is to design a flipchart that you could use:

  • to explain a system to your colleagues,
  • to present a development strategy,
  • or choose a topic that you want to share with your team.
  • If nothing else comes to mind, you can sketch an agenda.
    Don’t go into too much detail. Focus on an overview sketch of something you’re working on.

When you create your flipchart, think about the following aspects:

  • Think about the layout – you can even use a light pen or pencil for pre-sketching.
  • Use the right adequate markers – the chisel tip marker with 45° angle creates a professional impression.
  • For the text, keep in mind the 1-2-1 proportion. Use uppercase and lowercase letters. If you plan text in boxes, first write the text, then sketch the box around it.
  • Set highlights. You can use lines, basic shapes, and accompanying visuals to guide your reader to the gist.
  • If you want to, you can incorporate Post-its to keep your sketch flexible.

You have 15 minutes for this exercise!

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