System information

This course was prepared using composable storefront (Spartacus) version 3.1. By the time you start the course, a new version of composable storefront will be available. All the information provided in this course should also be valid for the newer version of the storefront. However, there may be some small technical differences not covered here. In case of any problems, please refer to the official documentation.

To practice the exercises in this course, you should be familiar with the following topics:

  • TypeScript
  • Angular 10: Basic concepts (components and modules), services and dependency injection, routing and navigations
  • RxJS
  • Yarn

You can use an editor of choice to develop code. Visual Studio Code, for example, is a good choice. You should use an SAP Commerce Cloud instance (minimum version: 1905). If you do not have one, you can use this public instance. You can find out how to use your local Spartacus on GitHub.

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