BMI Applied - Evaluate & Decide

The “Evaluate & Decide” iteration type is the topic of our last video. Business Model Innovation Guest Speaker Christoph Jungkind, Chief Product Owner SAP Sports One, concludes that the BMI process is a helpful instrument to fill the white spots in all areas of the business model. As a result, it was easy for the project team to come up with a viable scope. He explains some of the advantages of using the BMI process, and what the team achieved as a result.

Christoph stresses the importance of the game plan – a visualized project plan - to complete the solution with all the relevant steps in time, in quality, and in scope, and bring it to the market.

He elaborates on the planned evolution of the SAP Sports One solution, and that they will continue to use BMI to reflect new challenges and opportunities by iterating the business model.

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