End of Week 2


We have successfully completed week 2!

Congratulations, you have taken the first steps in creating your business model.

This week, we have learnt how to create the business model baseline, which consists of the network view and the enterprise view of your business.

The baseline is the starting point for the design of the business model in the digital economy.

The network view presents the external environment of the business – the interaction with partners, customers, and competitors.

In the next step, you transferred partners and customers from the network to the enterprise view. You then filled in the other elements.

The enterprise view now shows

  1. The value delivery with the value proposition, customer segments, customer relationships, and channels
  2. The value creation with the key partners, key activities, and key resources
  3. The value capturing with the major cost blocks and revenue streams of the business model.

This has been illustrated with the SAP Sports One project example.

Next week, we are ready to move on to the first iteration type, namely “Analyze & Improve”, where you will focus and try to improve one or multiple elements of your business model.

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