End of Week 3


You have successfully completed week 3.

This week, you learned how to analyze your offering and strengthen your value proposition. By doing this, you are now able to focus your key resources and activities on delivering the value your customers are willing to pay for. The customer profile helped you to identify the customers’ most important jobs-to-be-done, as well as what is keeping them from performing these jobs to their satisfaction, and the gains they expect to achieve. Using these insights, you assessed the capabilities of your products and services, and how these can serve as gain creators and pain relievers for your customers.
You identified the overlaps and gaps between your value proposition and that of your competitor, and were able to extract your unique value proposition. These are the main benefits you need to communicate to your customers in your value proposition, the core of your business model.

Now you are ready to move on to the “Challenge and Change” iteration type in the next week.

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