End of Week 6


You have successfully completed week 6!

This week, you covered the “Evaluate & Decide” iteration type, and got some insights into tools from the implementation phase of the BMI process, namely the game plan.

You learned which methods you can use to evaluate your business model and, based on the results, decide on the most appropriate business model for your business idea.

To evaluate every alternative business model, you can use a quantitative (business case) or qualitative approach. Whereas the quantitative approach focuses on estimating the costs and revenue of the business model, the qualitative approach focuses on expert assessment of criteria along the “Ease of Implementation” and “Impact of Option” dimensions.

You have also learned that the game plan can help you to visualize your activities towards the next main goal, providing you with an easy-to-use project plan.

The video from the SAP Sports One team showed some easily understandable examples of how the BMI process contributed to their overall success, and how they used the game plan in their actual project execution.

We hope you enjoyed this course and gained many insights into the BMI process and methods used.

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