Introduction to Week 1

Dear course participants,

Welcome to the first week of Designing Business Models for the Digital Economy.

In the first week of our course, you’ll get an introduction to business models. You’ll learn about their importance, and how they are developed in a simple and systematic manner.

We’ll present a proven, agile, and iterative approach to business model design. We’ve developed and tested it for more than 8 years. It combines our ideas and learnings through research and internal and external workshops, as well as the input we got from thought leaders and practitioners. The approach is called ‘Business Model Development & Innovation’ or simply ‘BMDI’. BMDI is the approach we’re using at SAP in the Business Model Innovation (BMI) process, which spans from the design of a business model to its eventual commercialization.

In addition, we’ll introduce digital transformation as a key driver for Business Model Innovation.

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