Introduction to Week 3

Dear course participants,

Welcome to the third week of Designing Business Models for the Digital Economy.

This week, you will learn how to analyze and improve your business model. While you created the baseline for your business model with the Business Model Canvas in last week’s iteration type, you learned about the interdependencies of the business model elements described in the canvas. This week, in the Analyze & Improve iteration type, we analyze specific elements of the business model to improve the model and maximize the expected outcomes. As the value proposition is the core of your business model, we will focus on this. Any changes in your value proposition may have a direct impact on the way you create and deliver value for your customers, as well as on the outcomes you can achieve for your company.

The frameworks presented during this week are a good starting point to better understand your customers, and what actually motivates them to buy your product in the first place. You will learn to identify your customers’ needs and develop your unique value proposition.

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