Introduction to Week 4

Dear course participants,

Welcome to the fourth week of Designing Business Models for the Digital Economy.

This week, you will learn how to challenge and change your business model. First, you will identify a challenge with the so-called “trigger matrix”. Subsequently, you will address this challenge and learn how to develop new business model options.

The trigger analysis and the derived challenge will guide you through the rest of this week. For the trigger analysis, you need to find internal and external opportunities as well as threats in the context of your business model. Subsequently, you will need to cluster the triggers in order to formulate the most pressing challenge to your business model.

To solve the challenge, you will use idea generation cards describing so-called “Digital Business Model Concepts”. These will give you information on how companies operate successfully in a digital world. They should be inspirations for your ideation process to solve your actual challenge. In the course of the week, you will learn how to leverage these concepts for your own business model. Finally, you will explore how to combine and transfer the concepts to your business model.

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