Introduction to Week 6

Dear course participants,

Welcome to the final week of Designing Business Models for the Digital Economy.

After testing your main assumptions using Minimum Viable Products (MVP) in the Test & Verify iteration type, this week you will learn how you can evaluate your business model(s) from a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

The quantitative evaluation will introduce the business case as a tool to calculate key values, enabling you to decide which of the multiple business model alternatives / versions is the most appropriate one to pursue. If you have only a single business model at hand, the business case helps you and your stakeholders to get decision help on the profitability of your business model.

The qualitative evaluation also helps you find the most appropriate business model. Instead of identifying key values, it is based on several criteria along two dimensions (one for the impact of the business model and one for the effort of implementing the business model) that are evaluated by experts.

In addition, we will get some insights on the aspects you need to consider in order to commercialize a business model.

Finally, we learn how a game plan – a visualized project plan – can assist in reaching the next major goal.

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