Articulating Personalized and Engaging Digital Experiences


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Articulate key challenges in the current (employee) experience and key goals of the SAP Build Work Zone offering.

The Case for Digital Experience

Watch the following video to learn about the challenges that employees face in their everyday work life and why a digital experience is needed to simplify a diverse and complex business environment.

Key Goals of the SAP Build Work Zone Offering

SAP Build Work Zone offers a solution for these requirements. It enables companies, IT departments, and employees to improve the work experience by bringing it all together, and making it easier to consume. These digital experience services are intended to deliver consistent and engaging user experiences across all channels, business processes, and applications.

A Modular Offering for the Central Entry Point from SAP

To address different levels of requirement of distributed (SAP) applications & content, users desire a unified, central entry point for getting things done more efficiently. It is important to note that a central entry point offering provides a selected view & subset of content across the different integrated systems. It does not replace other ‘local entry points’ (such as homepages from other SAP products) and – depending on the use cases, requirements, personas, … enables navigation from the central entry point to the local one to gain access to the full content.

For example: the user is provided information about overdue trainings in SAP Build Work Zone, but the actual training itself will then be consumed in SAP SuccessFactors Learning (for which the user is provided a deep-link). To address different levels of requirements in this context, SAP offers three editions all based on the same SAP Build Work Zone technology stack:

SAP Start is the central entry point into (selected) SAP Cloud Solutions. It allows users to search for applications, see all their tasks in one place via SAP Task Center and get recommended interest cards that are relevant to their role. The best part is that SAP Start is included with the purchase of the supported SAP Cloud Solutions and works out-of-the-box, with minimum setup configuration required.

SAP Start is built on top of the SAP Build Work Zone product stack, so when there is the demand to extend SAP Start to connect to on-premise, custom & 3rd party applications, one can easily upgrade to SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition, which allows creating role-based application sites including pages & spaces. These are further personalized and customized to deliver different experiences to groups of users so that they have everything they need to get their job done effectively.

While the standard edition focuses on optimized individual productivity, there is also the dimension of transforming teams & organizations with additional flexibility, content & interactive capabilities - utilizing SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition. This solution allows creating interactive workspaces to optimize cross team processes including rich multi-media, content management, knowledge management and integration to Microsoft Teams. The advanced edition empowers customers to create business sites to streamline engagement with employees, customers, partners & suppliers alike.

The SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone solution is utilizing multiple SAP BTP services, among them the advanced edition of SAP Build Work Zone.

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