Exploring Integrations With SAP SuccessFactors


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between SAP Build Work Zone and SAP SuccessFactors.
  • Use the integration scenarios available in the HR content package for SAP SuccessFactors.

SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone

As already outlined in the introduction lesson of this training, a digital workplace experience is core to an employee, and today the employee experience is fragmented. Therefore, SAP SuccessFactors offers an HXM-focused solution called SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone. This combines different SAP BTP solutions, such as, SAP Build Work Zone, SAP Build Process Automation, or Business Application Studio, with prebuilt, rich integration content focused on SAP SuccessFactors.

This solution creates an employee-centric user experience, and allows employees to connect for boosted productivity, increased retention, and driven engagement through communication, communities, personalized and guided experiences across disparate systems.

SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone is a solution offering a prepackaged experience specifically to address the needs of HR organizations based on SAP Build Work Zone. The SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone solution is a superset of SAP Build Work Zone, adding functionality, such as, SAP Build Process Automation out-of-the-box. In SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition, these are optional integration scenarios.


Just like SAP Build Work Zone, SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone also runs on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

SAP SuccessFactors HR Content Packages

The out-of-the-box HR content packages provides prebuilt integration scenarios which are SAP-managed and regularly updated in alignment with the SAP SuccessFactors release strategy. This content package is available by default, and can simply be installed by a Work Zone administrator. The content from the HR content package can be used as is, or customized to better meet the needs of the respective use case. Furthermore, custom integration content, for example, UI integration cards, can be deployed in addition.


These HR content packages are also available in SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition.

In the content package from SAP SuccessFactors, the following three types of artifacts are available.

UI Integration Cards such as Org chart or Development Goals:

With preconfigured integration card templates, direct integration of SAP SuccessFactors content can be done, and access to SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite in SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone through deep links, is achieved.

When administrators download the content package and enable the UI integration cards, users can add these cards to workspaces and apply workspace level configurations as required.

Guided Experiences such as Return to Workplace, Spot Awards, or Onboarding:

Guided experiences are workflow-based cards that help employees perform specific tasks through a multistep process, possibly spanning multiple systems.

Guided Experiences - Example: Onboarding

Onboarding guided experience:

  • Empower new hires with the information and tools they need, both before and after hiring.
  • Improve the efficiency of new hires.
  • Simplify complex onboarding processes across SAP SuccessFactors and other third-party integrations.
  • Connect new workers to mentors and guide them through their initial 3 months in the organization.

Workspace Templates such as Manager or Learning Zone:

Workspace templates are created for convenience, consistency, and to meet various business needs and requirements.


A new version of the content package is available for every major release of SAP SuccessFactors (production). The content package needs to be upgraded to use new or enhanced features. Before upgrading the content package, ensure all the guided experiences are completed, otherwise the progress won't be saved.

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