Exploring Optional Components


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Identify the optional components of SAP Build Work Zone, including SAP Task Center and SAP Build Work Zone.

Optional Components of SAP Build Work Zone

As a part of the overall solution architecture, SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition and SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone have several optional components. The activation and usage of these components depends on a number of criteria:

  • Is the functionality provided by the optional component in scope of the project?
  • Is the functionality provided by the optional component relevant for the environment (represented as SAP BTP subaccount)?

The following optional components are available for both SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition and SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone:

SAP Business Application Studio
Allows for the development of low-code and pro-code extensions for SAP Build Work Zone. It includes UI Integration Cards, Launchpad Plugins, Workflows, Content Packages and HTML5 applications.
SAP Build Process Automation
SAP Build Process Automation is a citizen developer solution to adapt, improve, and innovate business processes with no-code workflow management and robotic process automation capabilities. It enables business users and technologists to become citizen developers. With powerful yet intuitive low-code and no-code capabilities, the solution supports you in driving automation by tapping into the expertise of citizen developers.

SAP Build Process Automation is covered in a dedicated learning journey / course: Creating Processes and Automations with SAP Build Process Automation | SAP Learning

SAP Task Center

The SAP Task Center service enables integration with SAP applications to provide a single entry point for end users to access all their assigned tasks. The tasks can be accessed by end users through the SAP Task Center Web application.

You can use SAP Task Center as a unified inbox for tasks across multiple applications with integrated user experience. Tasks from multiple SAP solutions are gathered in one list and ready to be processed in just one click, shortening the completion time for business-critical tasks. For example, business users can process all their tasks from the connected systems, without the need to switch and log in separately into different inboxes.

In SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition (and SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone) there is also the option to expose workspace-level tasks and other approvals (like workspace access requests) alongside other SAP systems into SAP Task Center.

While it is a separate service (and hence setup on the SAP BTP subaccount), access to the SAP Task Center web application is enabled via SAP Build Work Zone. The setup of SAP Task Center is achieved via dedicated boosters to either integrate it with an existing environment or setup SAP Build Work Zone along the way.

Notification Service

Notifications make users aware of a situation that requires timely action or attention. Notifications appear under the bell icon in the shell bar at the top right corner. As an alternative to the Work Zone local notification experience, there is also an integration with the central notification service combining different sources of notifications. This is an optional integration that can be activated via the Work Zone Manager settings.

Supported notification providers:

  • SAP S/4HANA & SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
  • SAP BTP Cloud Foundry (custom HTML5 apps).
  • SAP Task Center (in turn also SAP Build Work Zone).
  • SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition and SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone..

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