Managing Workpages


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create, customize, and manage Workpages to provide users with interactive pages tailored to their needs.
  • Utilize Workpages to host a variety of content, including applications, widgets, and UI cards, enhancing the digital workspace's effectiveness.


Workpages are highly customizable pages that serve as dynamic environments for users to interact with various applications, information, and tools. They are designed to offer a personalized user experience, allowing for the integration of diverse content types through widgets and cards. Workpages can be accessed directly from the Site Menu or within Workspaces, providing a flexible and interactive interface for users to perform their tasks efficiently.

Key Features of Workpages

  • Customizable Layout: Creators can design the layout of Workpages, choosing how to best organize content to meet the needs of their users. Workpages come with a grid layout composed of sections and each section can have up to six columns to which you add your content.
  • Integration of Widgets and Cards: Workpages can host a variety of widgets and UI Integration Cards, enabling the display of rich, interactive content.

Content of Workpages

Creating and Managing Workpages

Creating a Workpage involves selecting a base layout, naming the page, and then adding and configuring widgets and cards to populate the page with content. Administrators can set permissions to control access to each Workpage, ensuring that only relevant users can view or edit the content.

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