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External Risk: Integration with Everstream Analytics


In today's ever-changing and interconnected business environment, companies must quickly identify and assess potential risks to ensure a resilient, reliable, and sustainable operation of their supply chains.

Therefore, they cannot only rely on their internal data but have to use external information sources as well. With the integration of the Everstream Analytics platform into SAP Integrated Business Planning, we allow you to use the data of a best-in-class risk insights data provider.

Value Proposition

  • Avoid supply chain disruptions.
  • Proactively address upcoming risks.
  • Early risk mitigation.


  • Import risk data like risk category, start and end date, and incident risk score from Everstream Analytics into SAP IBP.
  • Review risk data in analytics stories or Planner Workspaces.
  • Set up customized alerts based on incident scores.
  • Contextual navigation to Everstream Analytics platform.

Everstream Analytics: To Enhance Business Planning by Providing External Risk Insights

Everstream gives you the predictive intelligence and analytics to make your supply chain faster, smarter, safer, and leaner. With eyes in every port in the world, plus AI and human intelligence to identify patterns and perfect predictions, we help your supply chain to become more efficient and autonomous every day.

Markets and Clients

With Headquarters in California and locations in England, Germany, and India, Everstream works with global customers across various industries: Automotive, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Healthcare, High Tech, Industrial Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, and Retail.

Companies enjoying the Everstream advantage include ABInBev, Bayer, BD, Campbells, DHL, Dupont, Google, HealthTrust, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Unilever, and Whirlpool.

Contact: Andy McGuire,

Integration with SAP

Planning professionals use Everstream's proprietary intelligence integrated with the SAP IBP solution so they can make risk-adjusted decisions and minimize disruptions.

Use this integration to:

  • Reduce revenue at risk.
  • Ensure business continuity.
  • Build resilience.
  • Meet customer SLAs.

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What Are SAP IBP and Everstream Analytics Jointly Offering?

Risk Aware Supply Chain Planning

Everstream Analytics uses AI, human intelligence, and proprietary data sets to empower SAP IBP users with external risk intelligence and make risk-adjusted decisions to minimize disruption and protect customers' businesses.

Anheuser-Busch InBev selects Everstream Analytics to mitigate supply chain disruptions - Everstream AI

Era of Extremes Climate Change - Everstream AI

Everstream Analytics Recognized in Supplier Risk Management Category in the Gartner® Hype Cycle for Procurement and Sourcing Solutions, 2023 Report - Everstream AI

Everstream Analytics and SAP IBP

Everstream integrates with SAP IBP to uncover performance issues with suppliers and mitigate the impact of disruption in the plan value stream. Our AI-powered insights engine evaluates global event data to uncover and flag risk signals across a kaleidoscope of categories. This creates visibility for network planners to make a risk-adjusted decision on responding and taking mitigating action in IBP to maintain supply and protect the business.

You can now integrate incident data from Everstream Analytics into SAP IBP. This allows planners to perform risk-aware planning in the following ways:

  • Discover and subsequently mitigate risks throughout their supply chain network to avoid crisis management and boost the resiliency of their business.
  • Use real-time information about events and disruptions from the external world to assess their impact on their business.
  • Use external data for causal analysis to enhance the accuracy of their plans.

With the integration to Everstream Analytics, you can now replicate locations with geo coordinates that planners want to monitor for external incidents from SAP IBP to Everstream Analytics. Incidents are then replicated back from Everstream Analytics to SAP IBP as risk and opportunity master data. A risk score is defined as a key figure for the locations and for the validity period of the risk.

Planners are able to display the risk score data in apps such as Planner Workspaces and Manage Analytics Stories, gain visibility, and identify events that can impact supply chain planning positively or negatively.

Visibility: Extend KPI dashboard by external risks.

Risk-based alerts: Use risk scores and locations in customized alerts. For example, risk score greater than 20 and production receipts greater than 5000.

Planning with risks and risk scores: See how locations are affected by risks over time and react accordingly.

Contextual navigation to Everstream: Navigate from a risk in SAP IBP to more details on this risk in the Everstream platform.


  • License for Everstream Analytics from the SAP Store.
  • SAP Business Technology Platform - SAP Integration Suite.
  • SAP IBP Supply Chain Control Tower license.

API Business Accelerator Hub - Integration Package

A new integration package containing integration flows (iFlows) is available to enable the replication from and to Everstream Analytics. This integration package is available on the API Business Accelerator Hub and allows to streamline the integration of the two systems.

Three iFlows are available:

  • Two iFlows to read the SAP IBP Location Master Data and replicate the information over to Everstream Analytics for monitoring and identifying incidents.
  • One iFlow to read the incidents from Everstream Analytics and send the incidents with their risk score back to SAP IBP.

Unified Planning Area - Enhancements

The sample model entity SAPIBP1 has been enhanced to support the integration.

Master Data

  • Location: A new flag has been added to identify the locations that must be replicated.
  • Risk and Opportunities: Extended to integrate the information from Everstream Analytics.

Planning Area

  • Planning level at risk and opportunities and day level.
  • External Risk Score key figure to integrate the risk score into time series.

For a detailed description of the changes, see the IBP 2402 for Cross Topics: SAPIBP1 Planning Model document.

Unlock the Potential of SAP IBP and Everstream to Manage External Incidents

Business Value

  • Reduce revenue at risk.
  • Ensure service levels, including fulfilling critical customer orders.
  • Alerting and managing of risks in time and use what-if scenarios for different external risk events in planning.
  • Be more agile in responding to supply chain disruptions.

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