Adding Object List Entries to Maintenance Items


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Adding Object List Entries to Maintenance Items

Innovation Highlights

This feature allows you to add or remove object list entries in the maintenance Item, by using the F5335-Manage Maintenance Item or F5325-Manage Maintenance Plan SAP Fiori application.

A list of objects that can be assigned as object list in the maintenance item are:

  • Functional locations
  • Pieces of equipment
  • Assemblies

You can assign several technical objects to a maintenance item. The maintenance operations that you define for a maintenance item, using the link to a maintenance task list, are due for all the technical objects assigned.

Key Benefits

By using an object list, you can create logical groups of similar or interlinked technical objects, which can then be linked with a group of maintenance activities. This has the advantage that the data entry requirement is reduced and order processing is facilitated considerably. Another advantage is the reduction in paper used as a result.

These advantages are particularly clear when planning a small preventive maintenance task for a technical system, for example, a general view control. Instead of creating a maintenance order for each object at which the view control should be performed, you create one common maintenance order for all objects listed in the object list.

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