Checklist integration in Perform Maintenance Job app


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Checklist Integration in Perform Maintenance Job App

Prerequisite – Checklist Integration


  • The business function LOG_EAM_CHECKLIST with the assigned switch EAM_SFWS_CHECKLIST has to be activated. This activates dedicated fields and functions.
  • The SAP Fiori app for Perform Maintenance Jobs (F5104A) and Record Inspection Results (1685A) has to be activated.


  • At least one checklist has to be created during the maintenance order planning process, which gets assigned to the maintenance order operation.
  • Authorization: The user who works with Perform Maintenance Jobs app (F5104A) should also have the authorization to use with the Record Inspection Results app (F1685A). It's about the license model.

The cross app navigation to F1685A needs a dedicated authorization due to cloud license model. The Maintenance Execution (F5104A) belongs to the self-service use model and the Quality Inspection belongs to the core use license model. The user can have the assignment of the role for the Quality_Technician.

Additional Remarks

  • Blog: Set up your SAP S/4HANA system for EAM Inspection Checklists​

  • SAP HelpDocumentation: Overview of the Inspection Checklist Process​

  • Note: 3306826 – EAM Checklists: Business Feature EAM_IDMS​

    (provides further functional features)​

Prerequisite – Further Standard Checklist Enhancements

  • Technical: The business function LOG_EAM_CHECKLIST with the assigned switch "EAM_SFWS_CHECKLIST" has to be activated. This activates dedicated fields and functions.
  • Customizing: The standard checklist solution has to be customized for at least one planning plant and order type combination.
    • Planning plant for the Checklist Type field enablement at the task list operation level
    • Planning plant and order type for the Checklist Type field and function enablement at the order and operation level

The cross app navigation to F2343 needs a dedicated authorization. The Maintenance Planning (Change WD Order) belongs to the core use model and the Quality Planning belongs to the core use license model. The user can have the assignment of the role for the Quality_Planner (or needs to be checked Quality Engineer).

No violation in license model is given.

  • Not translated checklist types get filtered out (regarding the logon language)
  • Inactive checklist types get filtered out
  • Manually entered inactive checklist types raise a warning message

Business function with assigned switch is relevant for this.

Order Operation:

Task List Operation:

Additional Remarks

Customizing path for the planning plant and order type combination: Plant Maintenance and Customer ServiceMaintenance and Service ProcessingMaintenance and Service OrdersFunctions and Settings for Order TypesConfigure Checklists for Maintenance Order Types and Planning Plants

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