Integration SAP APM and Reactive and Proactive Maintenance


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Integration SAP APM and Reactive and Proactive Maintenance

  • SAP S/4HANA Business Function: EAM_APM_INTEGRATION 
    • Reversible/switchable to control the capability
    • Only for OnPrem (private cloud)
    • Activates a customizing note
  • SAP S/4HANA SM59 RFC Destination:

    IT has to take care that the correct SAP APM system gets called from each different SAP S/4HANA client

  • SAP S/4HANA Customizing:
    • Assign RFC Destination for APM Integration
    • Catalog type D for failure modes needs to used in maintenance requests (coding field in maintenance notifications)


Currently there is no method for checking whether there is an active APM subscription.

  • SAP APM Assessments with a failure data model and SAP S/4HANA master data assignments
  • SAP APM Recommendation lifecycle with status values

SAP APM Recommendation Integration scenario: SAP S/4HANA Task List Object Page

  • The object page has a new tab Recommendations if the business function is activated
  • The object page is now a flexible column layout
  • The Recommendations tab contains the following details:
    • Only implemented APM Recommendations gets displayed (status implemented)
    • One task list can have multiple assigned APM Recommendations
    • Relevant Recommendation fields are getting displayed
    • Cross app navigation* to SAP APM in a new window 
      • Implementation Workbench list report if no Recommendation is assigned 
      • Implementation Workbench Recommendation object page if a Recommendation is assigned
  • The object page has a new tab Recommendation if the business function is activated
  • The Recommendation contains the following details:
    • Only implemented APM Recommendation gets displayed (status implemented)
    • One maintenance item can have only one assigned APM Recommendation
    • Relevant Recommendation fields are getting displayed
    • Cross app navigation* to SAP APM in a new window
      • Implementation Workbench list report if no Recommendation is assigned
      • Implementation Workbench Recommendation object page if a Recommendation is assigned

Item 34527

During SM59 RFC destination configuration, here's one idea for missing data provisioning: APM has to provide the right authorization endpoint and client secret for the oAuth profile.

Regarding troubleshooting and OAuth profile creation, here the right authorization endpoint and client secret have to be provided from APM (Admin user has to ensure this): Token, password, security credentials.

SAP Help Build Work Zone: SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition

  • Create SM59 RFC destination to the BTP (SAP APM) launchpad
  • Destination (example): Z_EXT_APM
  • Connection Type: G (HTTP connection to external server)
  • Description 1(example): APM Integration
  • Host: Provided by the SAP APM administration
  • Path Prefix (if needed): Provided by the SAP APMadministration
  • Status of Secure Protocol: Activate SSL

TLS Attributes (if needed): TLS Cipher Status

  • SM30: /UI2/V_SYSALIASDefine UI2 System Aliases (example): Z_EXT_APM - APM Integration
  • SM30: /UI2/V_ALIASMAPMaintain UI2 System Alias Mappings (example): 210 / Z_EXT_APM / Z_EXT_APM
  • SM30: SUI_TM_MM_AAT_V (for SAP Fiori technical catalog)Maintain Allowed Application Types for the FLP App ManagerG Template-Based (for Remote Intent)
  • Create a new standard catalog (technical catalog)in /UI2/FLPAM SAP Fiori Launchpad App Manager
  • Remote Intent (G Template-Based)
  • Semantic Object: Implementation
  • Action: display
  • SAP Fiori ID: ZU0065 (example, free choice)
  • Transaction Code: ZU0065 (example, free choice)
  • Suppress Tile: Flagged
  • Additional Parameters: Allowed
  • System Alias: Z_EXT_APM
  • Target Semantic Object: implementation
  • Target Action: display
  • Desktop: Flagged // Tablet: Flagged // Phone: Unflagged
  • Target Application Title: Implementation Workbench

The only place where we can add a remote intent-based SAP Fiori app!

  • Optional: Create an SAP Fiori business catalog with the reference from the previous created technical catalog in, for example: /UI2/FLPD_CUST (Launchpad Designer (Client-Specific))
  • Create a business role, and assign the technical catalog (or the business catalog) to this role. Assign this business role to dedicated users, so that the cross-app navigation can be used.

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