Mass Edit in Find Maintenance Order - F2175


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Mass Edit in Find Maintenance Order – F2175

Mass Edit in "Find Maintenance Order" – F2175

  • Mass edit Feature for Find Maintenance Order App was release first with Public Cloud 2308
  • With 2023 FPS1 sections and fields for mass edit have been enhanced:

New with 2023 FPS1

Reference ObjectLocation DataAdditional DataResponsibilities
EquipmentLocationResponsible Cost CenterMain Work Center
Functional LocationPlant Section Main Work Center Plant
MaterialABC Indicator Planner Group
Serial Number  Person Responsible
  • The mass changes will be mainly performed against order header data
  • You can find the feature as quick action in the list header of the Find Maintenance Orders App
  • The mass edit will be performed as a background job to ensure a good system performance
  • After the mass edit is performed, the application log is showing success or error Messages

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