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After completing this lesson, you will be able to Describe enhancements and new features in SAP S/4HANA Quality Management.

Enhancements and new Features

Determine Defect Codes Using the Business Rules Framework

Automatic code determination is available in the apps Record defect (generic), Record Production Defect, and Record Warehouse Defect. You can let the system propose defect codes based on the defined rules considering parameters, for example defect category, material, material group, or plant.

To configure which codes the system proposes, you use the app Determination of Defect Code Groups and Defect Codes. By default, the app is assigned to the role Quality Planner. From a technical point of view, the Business Rule Framework is used and you maintain the rules in a decision table.

For additional information, consult the Help Portal.

Warehouse Defect: Enablement for Decentralized Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

Previously, you could only use the warehouse defect with an EWM system embedded into SAP S/4HANA. Now, you can also record a warehouse defect and trigger the follow-up actions directly from the warehouse defect to be executed in a decentralized EWM system. The figure shows that a product stored in a storage bin can be moved to, for example, blocked stock or unrestricted-use stock directly from the defect rather than using, for example, the EWM warehouse monitor.

For traceability purposes, the parameters used to execute the follow-up action (for example, plant, source storage bin, logical system of the warehouse, and so on) are also displayed.

For additional information about the warehouse defect, consult the Help Portal. To learn more about its integration with a decentralized EWM, consult the Help Portal.


Currently, when you're using a decentralized EWM, you can only use the warehouse defect. In contrast to the embedded EWM in SAP S/4HANA, you can’t transfer the warehouse defect into a quality notification.

Multiple Addresses in Quality Notifications

With this feature, you can select an alternative partner address during the creation of a quality notification if multiple addresses are maintained for a partner. This applies to partners that have a partner function of partner type customer.

For additional information, consult the Help Portal.

Improvements to Manage FMEAs

The Manage FMEAs app has been updated with several new features and improvements that enhance its functionality for conducting Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). The key updates are as follows:

  • Better monitoring: As shown in the figure on the left, a tree view has been introduced for displaying FMEA items in a hierarchical format. This feature offers an alternative way of viewing the organization and structure of FMEAs, allowing users to see the breakdown of items in a clear and structured manner.

    In addition, the graphical net display, which is used to illustrate the relationship and interdependency between different elements within an FMEA, has been enhanced. These improvements aim to make these visualizations more user-friendly and informative, thereby aiding in the understanding of complex failure modes and their potential impacts.

  • FMEA action status: You can now set the status of an FMEA action. This feature is designed to provide users with more options for monitoring the progress of specific actions within their FMEAs, offering a clearer overview of action management.

  • You can now add long texts when creating elements to better describe an FMEA element. The system uses the first part of the long text as the short text.

  • Creation of actions: The application now allows for the creation of several preventive or detection actions in one go.

For additional information, consult the Help Portal.

Single Stock Postings via Usage Decision

Stock postings of single inspection units (with optional serial numbers) have been improved: For example, you can now make stock postings of serial numbers that aren’t assigned to an inspection lot, but originate from the material documents that create the inspection stock.

For additional information, consult the Help Portal.

Other Noteworthy Enhancements

In addition to the changes and enhancements above, the colleagues from development added the following interesting features:

  • Change Documents of Defects and Quality Tasks: With this feature, changes to a defect or a quality task are documented in change documents.

  • In the apps Manage Inspection Plan, Manage Usage Decision, Manage Inspection Lots, you can now use the features of Harmonized Document Management for attachments.

    For additional information, consult the Help Portal.

  • Skipped master inspection characteristics aren’t counted as open while calculating the progress of the characteristics in the app Manage Inspection Lots. In addition, the system also doesn't count them when calculating the number of open characteristics in the app Record Inspection Results.

  • In the app Record Inspection Results, you can now inspect characteristics with a sampling procedure that uses the valuation mode attributive inspection of nonconforming units.

    For additional information about sampling procedures, consult the Help Portal.

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