Importing Sales Documents


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Understand the prerequisites for importing sales documents from Google Drive and perform an import.

Import Sales Documents

Business Example

As an internal sales rep, John regularly receives sales documents (for example, sales orders) in spreadsheet files, and stores and edits them on Google Drive.

With sales document import apps (for example, Import Sales Orders), John can batch-create sales documents from the spreadsheet files on Google Drive. This makes work easier for internal sales representatives whose workplace uses Google's cloud storage service.


Your system must have been integrated with Google Workspace. See Integrating SAP S/4HANA with Google Workspace.

With the integration, cloud-specific download and upload options are be available in the following sales document import apps:

  • Import Sales Quotations
  • Import Sales Scheduling Agreements
  • Import Sales Contracts
  • Import Sales Orders
  • Import Sales Orders Without Charge

The figure shows download and upload options.

Import Instructions

In the Import Sales Orders app, complete the following steps to perform an import from Google Drive.

  1. Download a template (as a Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel file) to Google Drive.
  2. Fill in document data in the online file.
  3. Upload the file from Google Drive to the app.

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