Managing Tax Rates


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Search and maintain tax rate for Sales and use MS Excel to upload and download tax rates in Sales.

Tax Rates Management

Business Example

As a tax specialist, you need to maintain a tax rate in sales. Later, the tax rate can be consumed in pricing elements of sales document or other business documents.

In the past, users were only able to maintain a tax rate for Sales in webGUI application Set Tax Rates - Sales manually. Now, the new Fiori App Manage Tax Rates - Sales offers more advantage functionality where the user is able to maintain a tax rate for Sales with the MS Excel upload.

A tax specialist can access the Fiori App: Manage Tax Rates - Sales.

You can create a tax condition record. After entering the tax code, the tax rate is determined automatically.

After saving the condition record, you can see the success message.

You can also download the condition record by choosing the Export button.

Then, you get an MS Excel file which includes all the condition records in terms of filter results.

Users can change the tax code and tax rate for the existing condition record and create a new condition record with the tax code A1.

The figure shows the import of an MS Excel file.

The figure shows a Success message for files imported successfully.

The user can then verify the result of importing the condition records.

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