Understanding Sales Contracts


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Know the Business Event Handling and how to trigger the Business Event

Sales Contracts

Business Example

Using the Business Event Handling as a system-wide standardized event mechanism for SAP Object Types across SAP S/4HANA Cloud applications. It enables applications, partners, and customers to consume events related to all SAP S/4HANA Cloud objects. You can enable your SAP Business Technology Platform based or other side-by-side extensions to extend your processes on the SAP Business Technology Platform. Based on the publish-subscribe pattern, the central event handling component (for example, SAP Event Mesh) can receive events from multiple senders that can be consumed by receivers subscribed to them.

  • Sales Contracts enable the Business Events of header and item change.
  • Business Events can be called or triggered by various consumers.

Business Event Triggering

  • The Business Events are published on the SAP API Business Hub of Sales Contracts.
  • The Business Events can be triggered both in UI processing and API processing.
  • System will raise Business Events once:
    • Sales Contract create/change/delete.
    • Sales Contract Item create/change/delete.

The Business Event is triggered automatically when certain fields of sales contract item are changed, for example, when material, or pricing date is changed, or an item is deleted.

Business Event Monitoring: Backend Mode

Currently, the Business Events can be monitored in the backend of S/4HANA Cloud. Additional authorization from the administrator or developer would be needed for access. The transaction SPRO: SAP Customizing Implementation GuideABAP PlatformEnterprise Event EnablementMonitoringMonitor Event Queues needs to be applied for monitoring.

Business Event Monitoring

The result of document processing will be displayed as a payload in the format of JSON. The type of payload is built based on the process of sales contracts. Certain information will be displayed once the sales contract is changed.

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