Using Role-Based Access to Price Elements in Specific Sales Documents


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Define access levels and assign access levels to lines.

Role-Based Access to Price Elements

Role-based access is available for the following apps:

Apps for Sales Documents

  • Manage Sales Orders - Version 2
  • Create Sales Orders - VA01
  • Change Sales Orders - VA02
  • Display Sales Orders - VA03
  • Manage Sales Documents with Customer-Expected Price
  • Manage Customer Returns - Version 2
  • Create Customer Return Without Reference - VA01
  • Create Customer Return
  • Change Customer Return
  • Display Customer Return
  • Manage Credit Memo Requests - Version 2
  • Create Credit Memo Requests
  • Create Credit Memo Requests - W/o Preceding Document
  • Change Credit Memo Requests
  • Display Credit Memo Requests
  • Create Debit Memo Requests
  • Create Debit Memo Requests - W/o Preceding Document
  • Change Debit Memo Requests
  • Display Debit Memo Requests

Apps for Billing Process Documents

  • Create Billing Documents - VF01
  • Change Billing Documents
  • Display Billing Documents
  • Manage Billing Documents
  • Change Preliminary Billing Documents
  • Display Preliminary Billing Documents
  • Create Invoice Lists - VF21
  • Change Invoice Lists
  • Display Invoice Lists

The figure shows different types of Access To Price Elements depending on user roles.


Configuration Expert

Customizing Activity:

You set up the access levels in Define Access Levels for Price Elements. In this activity, you can set up access levels according to the degree of sensitivity of specific price elements.




To grant access to selected price elements for business users, you adapt the roles with transaction PFCG. Here, you can maintain all authorization fields of the PRCG_ACC authorization object.


You must ensure that all business roles working with the adapted pricing procedures have the relevant authorization object maintained. Otherwise, for all non-maintained roles, all condition types or subtotal lines assigned to an access level are no longer visible in all other SD documents that use the same pricing procedure.


Configuration Expert

Customizing Activity:

You assign the appropriate access level to a condition type or to a subtotal line in a pricing procedure in Define And Assign Pricing Procedures under Set Pricing Procedures.

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