Have you ever heard about SAP?

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Understand what SAP really is
  • Explain where SAP is being used

What have people around the world heard about SAP?

Hey you, there... watching this learning! Have you ever heard about SAP? It might be that some of the things you have heard are very related to what other people around the world have heard too... It might be that you have never heard about SAP. Or, know some things about SAP that do not necessarily match to what SAP really is.

In the following episode you, will establish a connection to people like you, who are wondering what SAP really is. People who have never heard about SAP and people who have only heard some things about SAP.

What is SAP really?

So... what is SAP really? Now that you have heard some beliefs about SAP in the previous section, let us resolve this question together!

Watch the four videos below to get to know SAP better. Simply click on the smart phone display and the video will start to play.

Which companies use SAP?

SAP enables every company to become an intelligent and sustainable enterprise. See how SAP´s customers are running cool and innovative projects using SAP software and delivering powerful business outcomes.

Click on the tiles below to read the customer stories and to learn more about SAP's impact.

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