What´s in it for you?

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Find out why should Laura - Business Administration graduate - learn SAP
  • Define 5 reasons why to learn SAP skills
  • Start learning SAP
  • Understand the POV of Maxwell Wessel - Executive Vice President, SAP Learning

Laura's Journey

Laura is a master’s student, graduating in international business administration. She is young and ambitious. In her free time, when she is not studying, she goes out with friends. Also, she likes to read a good book. And as many young women, Laura loves shopping. Laura is very interested in fashion. One of her hobbies is going to vintage stores and experimenting with styles from past decades. Laura’s dream is to work in the fashion industry and to contribute to its digitization.

We interviewed Laura and asked her if she had ever heard about SAP. Watch this episode and find out what Laura’s aspirations are, and which role SAP could play for her.

Apparently, Laura had heard about SAP, but was not considering it for her future career. Now she is! As you already have learned, SAP is not only an ERP software provider. It offers many more solutions for marketing, analytics, and application development. Also, SAP provides industry solutions for the fashion industry and has already many prominent customers working with those solutions.

So… what’s in it for Laura? Turns out that she, indeed, applied at companies that use SAP. Watch the next episode to see how the Laura's journey continues.

This is how Laura discovers that SAP skills could be the game changer when it comes to finding the dream job. Can you imagine yourself being in Laura's shoes? Start the Introducing End-to-End Business Processes for the Intelligent Enterprise learning journey in the student zone. Find out what's in it for YOU!

5 Reasons to Learn SAP Skills

Learning SAP skills can change your life too! It can help you to find your dream job, and it can also help you to boost your career. Watch the episode to find out why you should learn SAP skills!

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Point of View: Executive Vice President, SAP Learning

Now… what do you think? Have you already checked out the free learning journeys? In case you want to hear an opinion from someone who is working for SAP, watch the next episode. We asked Max Wessel – Executive Vice President, SAP Learning - why he is convinced that SAP skills help you boost your career. In the episode, Max answers our question. Curious?

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