Adding Career Worksheet Templates

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Upload a V12 Career Worksheet template in Provisioning

Steps to Add a Career Worksheet Template

The Career Worksheet is an XML-based template, similar to the Development Plan template. Configuration is completed solely via XML.

A Career Worksheet template needs to be unique. Uniqueness is determined by the template ID, which can be seen in the XML. You can check Provisioning to verify if other Career Worksheet templates are already in the instance. You should only have one active Career Worksheet template per instance.

The Career Worksheet template can only be uploaded in Provisioning, under Managing Plan Template Import/Update/Export Career Worksheet Templates. It is not possible to create a new Career Worksheet template from Admin Center.

Here are some notes about configuring the Career Worksheet template:

  • Career Worksheet templates are uploaded and exported the same way as Development Plan templates, just in a different area of Provisioning. You’ll find many similarities between the two types of templates.
  • Custom fields are not available for use in Career Worksheets.
  • Don't change any field IDs or other elements of the template.
  • You can only have one active Career Worksheet template per instance. Do not upload multiple templates with different IDs. Loading multiple career worksheets will result in unexpected behavior for end users.

In this training environment we will be using more than one Career Worksheet template. But best practice is to only have one active Career Worksheet template per instance.

To learn how to import new Career Worksheet templates, watch this video:

Configure the Career Worksheet Template

To learn how to complete this exercise, watch this video:


  1. In Provisioning, select your Career Worksheet template.

    1. Navigate to ProvisioningManaging Plan Template, select Import/Update/Export Career Worksheet Templates.

    2. You’ll see a list of templates numbered 5001-5010. Select one of the templates that does NOT have a name next to the template name. For example, once a template has been chosen the name would appear as THR95 Career Worksheet C Adams.

    3. Export the template you selected by clicking the red arrow to the right and note the ID of the template.

    4. Open the template file in an XML editor of your choice.

  2. Edit the template name and append your name.

    1. Change the <obj-plan-name> line and add your first initial and last name to the end of the name of the template. If your name is Jane Smith the <obj-plan-name> would read: THR95 Career Worksheet J Smith.

  3. Save these changes in a new version and upload the template.

    1. Save these changes to a new version of the file and modify the title to include your name and a version number. For example, Chris Adams would call his file THR95 Career Worksheet C Adams v01.xml. This will allow you to make incremental changes and revert to older versions, if needed, when troubleshooting.

    2. Navigate to ProvisioningManaging Plan Template , select Import/Update/Export Career Worksheet Templates.

    3. Click the Choose File button and select the Career Worksheet you just created. In the Description of changes field enter Upload of THR95 Career Worksheet XX (replace XX with your name), then select Upload. You should see a green message that states Career Worksheet Template was updated successfully.

  4. Make sure the template ID you just selected (for example ID 5004) is NOT the default template.

    1. Verify that the template you uploaded (the ID you chose) is NOT the default template. Template ID 5099 should be the default template. If 5099 is not the default template, in the default column select the default radio button, and then click Save Changes. You may need to save changes first, then change the default option and save changes again.

  5. Make sure that any other existing Career Worksheet Templates that have NOT been renamed are deactivated. Only the template ID you just renamed with your initials (for example ID 5004), any other templates with initials, and the default ID 5099 should be active.

  6. Confirm the Role Readiness Template. 

    1. Performance Management should have already been enabled in Provisioning.

    2. Log into your instance as your CDPAdmin and use Action Search to navigate to Manage Templates.

    3. Select the Performance Review option across the top.

    4. Confirm the THR95 Role Readiness form is listed. Click the form to open it.

    5. Select General Settings, and confirm the Route Map field reads THR95 Route Map and the Rating Scale field reads THR95 1-5 Rating Scale.

    6. Click Cancel to return to the Manage Templates screen.

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