Configuring a Role-Readiness Form

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure a Role-Readiness form

Role Readiness Form Overview

Role readiness forms are performance forms that allow employees to rate themselves on competencies associated with roles they are considering as part of their career development. These forms help employees estimate how ready they are for future roles.

The role readiness form is also called a Competency Assessment form. Role readiness forms are most commonly accessed via links on a Career Worksheet.

Only the employee (E) can launch the form for their future role. As an admin, you cannot use proxy to access a user's role readiness form in the Career Worksheet. However, succession planners can launch role readiness forms from the Succession Org Chart.

The role readiness form allows the user to measure themselves against the Future Role competencies, so they can see the gaps and create development objectives to help bridge those gaps.

A standard CDP implementation utilizes at least one role-readiness form and often two: one for an employee’s current role and one for future roles an employee is considering (the more common option). A Performance Management license is required to use Role Readiness forms.

To configure a role readiness form that has been uploaded to the instance, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a Readiness Rating Scale by using Action Search to navigate to Rating Scales.
  2. Create a Readiness Route Map by using Action Search to navigate to Manage Route Maps.
  3. Modify the Role Readiness Form Template.

To learn how to configure a Role Readiness Form, watch this video:

Once a Rating Scale and Route Map have been created, the Role Readiness template needs to be updated with those two components. This can be done through Manage Templates, in the General Settings area.

Additional settings for the template can be changed under Manage Form Templates. The Role Readiness template can be downloaded, and many other settings can be edited such as the spelling and legal checks. The Route Map can also be set through Manage Form Templates.

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