Enabling E-mail Notifications for Development Goals

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Enable e-mail notifications for Development Goals

Goal Notifications Enablement

Goal Notifications

This lesson focuses on available selections for Goal Notifications.

As development goals are created, the administrator can select options for goal-specific e-mail notifications. Notifications are shared between goal management and development, so development management consultants should check the goal management configuration and confirm their changes won’t negatively impact goal management.

If you do not want to enable notifications for ALL goal plan templates, you can selectively disable notifications for specific templates. After enabling notifications, select the Customize Settings for Goal Plans option and select the templates for which you wish to enable notifications.

The Enable Goal Notifications table displays the three available Goal Notifications. These notifications are shared with Goal Management

Enable Goal Notifications




Goal Creation Notification

Sent when a new goal is created

User the objective was created for (not self)

Goal Delete Notification

Sent when a goal was deleted by manager from the Direct Report's goal plan view


Goal Modification Notification


Sent daily when a goal was modified in the previous 24 hours

User (unless the user made the change)

To enable goal notifications, use Action Search to navigate to E-Mail Notification Templates Settings.

To edit the text or the setting of the notifications, select the notification you wish to edit and fill out the necessary details. Keep in mind, goal management notifications are shared between Goal Management and Development Planning.

Enable Goal Notifications

To learn how to complete this exercise, watch this video:

As a consultant, you are asked to enable development goal e-mail notifications.


  1. Activate the applicable goal notification templates.

    1. Log in with your CDPAdmin user ID.

    2. Use Action Search to navigate to E-mail Notification Template Settings.

    3. Make sure that the applicable goal notifications templates are activated:

    • Goal Creation Notification
    • Goal Delete Notification
    • Goal Modification Notification (daily)
    If any of these notifications are not activated, activate them and then select Save Notification Settings at the bottom of the screen. It is not necessary to activate the Goal Comment Notification as we will not use the standard comment field in the Development Plan template for the exercises.
  2. Create a Development Goal to test the e-mail notifications.

    1. Log in to the instance with your CDPAdmin ID.

    2. Create a development goal.

    3. Navigate to Development and the Development Plan tab.

    4. Click on Add Goal.

    5. Fill out all required fields (items with red stars).

    6. Click Save.

  3. Create a goal as your manager to test additional notifications.

    1. Log in as your manager, Felicia Ford. ID: ffff; Password: Password1 or Password123

    2. Create a development goal for you as your manager, Felicia Ford.

    3. Navigate to Development, and the Development Plan tab.

    4. Click on Felicia Ford in the upper left-hand corner and in the drop down menu switch to your name. This will show you your plan based on what Felicia Ford is allowed to see as your Manager.

    5. Click on Add Goal to create a new goal on your plan. Complete all required fields and click Save.

    6. Watch for the notification e-mails to appear.


    Check your junk e-mail folder if you don't receive the e-mail notification. Another troubleshooting step is to change the users’ e-mail address to a personal e-mail address. There could be miscommunication between SAP SuccessFactors and your business e-mail address.


    Keep in mind that you may not receive notifications immediately since some notifications are consolidated and sent once every 24 hours.

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