Exploring Development Goal Plans

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explore the Development Goal Plan elements

Development Goal Plan Overview

To learn about Development Goal Plans, watch this video:

The Development Plan is a component of Career Development Planning (CDP).

Development Goal Plans have the following benefits:

  • Enable key players to create actionable plans that address career goals.
  • Analyze progress in one central place, similar to an online worksheet.
  • Allow users to enter, edit, and track development objectives and learning activities directly online.
  • Aid both employees and managers as follows:
    • Employees profit from personal development, career planning, and job satisfaction.
    • Managers benefit from having standardized methods to put their reports on the right track.

Select the buttons to learn more about the Development Plan screen.

Development Plan Screen Tour

The Development Plan component of CDP also has two versions available: a legacy version and the latest version. If customers activate the latest version of goal management, both Goal Management goal plans and Career Development goal plans are impacted. This course focuses on the legacy version of development plans, but consultants should review information on the SAP Help Portal about the Latest Goal Management.


Customers typically use one Development plan that spans multiple years. A new Development Plan is generally not loaded each year. A Career Worksheet can only point to one development plan. Development Plan functionality works similarly to Goal Plan (TGM) functionality. If you are familiar with TGM, much of this will be a reinforcement of prior knowledge.

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