Modifying an effective-dated record when changes are needed

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Modify an effective-dated record

Modification of an effective-dated record

Transaction Fundamentals 

A transaction occurs when a user changes an employee record (for example, to promote or hire an employee). For certain blocks, when the initiator starts the transaction, they must provide a start date for records. The start date can be in the past, present, or future. When the transaction is submitted, it may trigger an approval process, also known as a workflow.

Effective Dating 

Many of the records in EC are effectively dated. Each time you insert a new record for one of these items, the system prompts you to provide the effective start date. Understanding and maintaining effective dates are important because they enable you to create historical, present, and future records. For example, if Marcus is moving in January, you can add his new address with an effective date in the future. However, Marcus will not see that change in effect until January.

In the application, the fields start-date and end-date are used for effective dating. The start date is usually displayed in the UI. The field end date does not typically appear in the UI but is visible in reports. When you create the first record for an entity, the start date is supplied by the user creating the record, and the end date will be automatically set to December 31, 9999.

Learn how to administer changes to the employee file in the interaction below.

Manage Effective-Dated Record

To further understand how employee records are maintained in effective-dated blocks, watch the video below.

For additional details on Forward Propagation, you can use Implementing Employee Central Core guide in the SAP Help Portal.

Exercise: Modify an effective-dated record

Business Example

Jane Millers’s address records are incorrect. Her manager has asked HR to correct the current address. Jane will also be using a new address next month and needs the new address added to the system. Her manager, Marcus Hoff, would like to verify this change has been made afterward.


  1. Correct the current address. Use the table, Changes, to make the required correction.

    Address Correction (As of Hire Date)New Address (As of First Day of Next Month)

    Jane Millers

    74 W Fernando St

    Apt 24

    Arlington, VA 22205

    Jane Millers

    4122 21st Road N 

    Arlington, VA 22207

    1. Log in to your instance as an administrator. 

    2. Navigate to Jane MillersPersonal InformationAddress Information.

    3. Select the clock icon (Addresses History) in the Address Information block. 

    4. On the right of the screen, choose Edit

    5. Make the required updates based on the given information. 

      Address Correction: (As of Hire Date) 

      Jane Millers 

      74 W Fernando St 

      Apt 24 

      Arlington, VA 22205  

    6. Choose Save.

  2. Insert the new address effective next month.

    1. Navigate to Jane MillersPersonal informationAddress InformationHistory.

    2. On the left of the screen, choose Insert New Record.

    3. Set the effective date: use the first day of next month.

    4. Insert the record based on the given information.

      New Address: (As of First Day of Next Month)

      Jane Millers 

      4122 21st Road N

      Arlington, VA 22207 

    5. Select Save. Close the history window using the X on the right of the screen.

    6. Verify that the address change is pending in the Address Information section.

  3. As Jane Millers’ manager, Marcus Hoff would like to verify if the changes have been made.

    Modify the manager permission role for managers to get access to Address History.

    1. Log in to your instance as an administrator. 

    2. Proxy as Marcus Hoff.

    3. Navigate to Jane Miller's Employee fileAddress Information. Verify that you do not have access to Address Information history as a Manager.

    4. Switch back to your user account by selecting the user menu → become self.

    5. Navigate to Manage Permission Roles using Action Search.

    6. Select Manager RolePermissionUser permissions sectionEmployee Central Effective Dated Entities. Scroll to the Addresses section.

    7. In Addresses Information Actions, grant the View History permission.

    8. Select Done. Save your changes. Log out and log in.

    9. Proxy as Marcus Hoff and verify that Marcus can now see the changes in Jane Millers’s address history.

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