Configuring Calibration Settings

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Enable Calibration: Configure the route map, grant role-based permissions, and complete the initial set up in Manage Calibration Settings

Calibration Requirements

Before calibration can be used with Performance Management forms, the following requirements must be met:

  • The route map must have at least one edit step for calibration, which is not Iterative. Single and Collaborative steps are supported.

  • You must enable manual ratings in the form template that contains the elements you want to calibrate (Overall Performance Rating, Overall Goal Rating, Overall Competency Rating, etc) in order to be able to adjust ratings in the Calibration session.
  • You must associate a valid rating scale with these ratings.

Creation of a Calibration Route Map

For Calibration to work, you must designate a single-user step or a collaborative step in the performance review route map. When you set up the calibration template, you must confirm the step at which calibration will be completed. Iterative steps from the performance route maps cannot be selected in the Calibration template to answer this question: At which routing step can the data be used?

Calibration Enablement and Role-Based Permissions

Calibration must be enabled in ProvisioningCompany SettingsEnable Calibration (requires role-based permission). This will make the module available in the instance.

Calibration User Permissions

Calibration uses the role-based permission model, and necessary modifications to the permissions can be done by navigating to Manage Permission Roles using Action Search.

There are Calibration permissions under User Permissions.

Calibration Administrator Permissions

There are also Calibration permissions under the Administrator Permissions.

Configuration of Calibration Global Settings

Several options are available in Provisioning that allow you to tailor the application to meet the customer’s requirements. The same options are available in Manage Calibration SettingsGlobal Settings.

Select the Start button to be able to select each setting to learn more about the options available when enabling Calibration.

Additional Global Settings

The following are additional Global Settings only available from Manage Calibration Settings.

Additional Global Settings

Global SettingFunction
Remove "Too New to Rate" from rating options for the rating types from People Profile dataNot applicable if using Performance as the data source.
Exclude Rating Sources from Employee Profile DataNot applicable if using Performance as the data source.
Online Export All ThresholdExports sessions based upon the current filter criteria. Default threshold of 250 can be modified.
Online Mass Finalization ThresholdFinalizes multiple sessions online. The default threshold of 25 can be modified, and any value beyond the threshold will make the Mass Finalization to run as an offline job.
Add an extra field to people card shown in 9-box viewChooses a field from the dropdown list to add it to people card shown in 9-box view.
Choose a user to replace a calibration session’s only facilitator who has been inactiveChooses an active user to replace the session’s only facilitator who becomes inactive when purging the inactive user.
Choose one or more users as default facilitators for a new manager calibration sessionChoose one or more active users as default facilitators in addition to the session creator when creating a new manager calibration session. The configured facilitators can still be removed from the Session Facilitators field, if needed.

Configuration of Calibration Session Permissions

Navigate to Manage Calibration Settings from the Action Search bar.

The default is to only give the ability to change the ratings to the facilitators and co-facilitators with the Write permission. If there is a reason to provide Write permissions to other roles in the session, you can do that in Manage Calibration Settings.

In Manage Calibration Settings you can also give or remove the permission to Delete In-progress and/or Approved sessions for facilitators and co-facilitators.

Calibration Search and Filter Fields

Navigate to Manage Calibration Settings and open the Search and filters fields tab.

Administrators have the option to define default filters for filter function across all views of calibration session, including Executive Review. It is also possible to define which fields are returned by default in the search result table of people search function and which fields can be selected additionally in the settings option.

Filter Fields

Filter options are comprised of both hard-coded fields, which are standard across all calibration sessions, and additional fields, which are defined by the customer.

The hard-coded fields are as follows:

First NameEmail
Middle NameJob Code
Last NameGender
ManagerRisk of Loss
TitleImpact of Loss
CountryReason for Leaving
LevelNew to Position
UsernameFuture Leader
DivisionKey Position
DepartmentMatrix Managed
You can also control the field filters from Manage Calibration SettingsSearch and Filter Fields tab in addition to Succession Data Model / Manage Business Configuration. In the Filter Fields column, you can define which filters are displayed by default. The enhancement allows more flexibility to control these filters directly from Calibration Administration.
Risk of Loss,Impact of Loss and Reason for Leaving are fields that you can enable or disable in the Data tab when you are configuring the template. Whether they are enabled at the template level or not, they will appear here in the filter options if they are defined in your Succession Data Model.

The Discussion option is predefined as a default filter that you can use without configuration.

Executive Review

The Executive Review is a feature that only users with special permissions can use to access aggregated graphs and session details for this template. There are multiple types of graphs and information you can show.

Follow the steps outlined below to enable and use Executive Review

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