Creating and Managing Group and Team Goals

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Creating and managing group and team goals

Group Goals

Group goals are ideal for project teams, corporate initiatives, and goals that might be defined by a specific job role— they are suitable for any time that you want to have one common goal applied to a set of people.

Group Goals Roles

Enablement of Group Goals

Explore how you can enable and use Group Goals

Group Goals Use Cases

Key Benefits and Limitations of Group Goals

The following list of key benefits is based on functionality that was not available in the first version of group goals (v1.0) but is supported in v2.0 (this version):

  • Ability to have sub-goal tables (for example tasks, targets, milestones, metric lookup) for a group goal

  • Support for calculated goal ratings using the metric lookup table

  • Ability to configure, per field, which are editable and which are read-only in a group goal (this also applies to sub-goal tables)

  • Ability to import Group Goals 2.0 (via Beta Goal Import) for Add/Update/Delete actions (it is same as Personal Goal, with the only difference that TYPE = OBJECTIVE_GROUPV2).

The following is a list of the limitations of group goals:

  • No support for dynamic group membership. There is a static list of members when the goal is created and assigned that are not dynamically based on criteria.

  • Group Goals cannot be cascaded.

  • Group rating is not supported in Group Goals, but using a Metric Lookup Table is the possible workaround.

Procedure: How to Import Group Goals


  1. Navigate to Beta Goal Import using Action Search.

  2. From the available list of goal plan templates, select the goal plan you want to import goals into.

  3. Select Generate CSV Header, and open the file.


  4. The file opens in a new window and is blank. Read through the fields in row five to determine which fields are pre-populated by the information you type in each column.


    The sample file in the figure Beta Goal Import can be downloaded from the SAP SuccessFactors Knowledge Base. If you need help finding this file, please ask your instructor.

  5. Insert your data where appropriate, and save the file. The Group Goals are OBJECTIVE_GROUPV2 type

  6. In the Import Goals area, select Browse to find the edited file.

    The option "Read Only Goals" does not have any effect in Beta Goal Import. This option is a legacy feature part of the Import Goals option available in the instance to import goals as read-only and non-editable in the UI. The option is still technically possible but it uses a completely different CSV template which cannot be generated from Beta Goal Import or the Goal Plan and has several limitations. This Import Goals legacy feature is no longer available once you upgrade to Latest Goal Management, and the Beta Goal Import feature will be renamed to "Import Performance Goals".
  7. To import the .CSV file, click Import.

Create Group Goals 2.0

Business Example

You will configure the goal plan template to allow creation of group goals, create a new group goal from your goal plan and assign it to some employee in the organizations.

Learn how to enable group goals in the Goal Plan XML template and create group goals in the Goal Plan.


  1. Edit your Goal Plan XML template to allow creation of group goals.

    1. Navigate to ProvisioningImport/Update/Export Goal Plan template , export the goal plan template you have been working with and open it with your XML editor.

    2. In the <obj-plan-template> section, set the <allow-group-goal> attribute to true.

    3. Validate the XML template with your editor, save a new version, and import the goal plan template back into Provisioning.

  2. Create a Group Goal 2.0.

    1. Login to the Instance and from the Home dropdown menu, click Goals.

    2. Select +Add GoalCreate a New Goal, and verify that the button +Group Goal is visible.

    3. Choose +Group Goal.

    4. Select the Financial category from the drop-down menu.

    5. Complete any fields marked with a red asterisk, and choose Save Changes.

  3. Assign the group goal to employees.

    1. Select the checkbox next to the new goal in the financial category.

    2. From the Actions menu, select Assign.

    3. Select Find Other Recipients, and choose Search. Select three employees and choose Add Selected, Next and Assign.

    4. View one of the employees' goal plan and verify that the group goal is visible.

      You may proxy into another user’s account and check the goal plan.

    5. Verify that you cannot edit the group goal fields as a group goal member.

Team Goals

Team Goals

Team Goals allow a manager (e.g.) to create a goal for their team without being accountable for that goal (it will not display in the creator's goal plan).

It supports the ability to share assignment distribution over the team goal – effectively allowing a manager (owner) to share the team goal they created to another manager (co-owner) that may assign the team goal to their own team.

Team Goals were designed using the existing Group Goals 2.0 framework. Therefore, whatever is supported today in Group Goals 2.0 is supported for team goals. There are no separate XML tags for Team Goals.

To learn more about Team Goals, watch this video.

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