Defining Competency Libraries, Competency Attributes and Performance Details

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe competency libraries, competency attributes and performance details

Competency Libraries

Competencies reside within competency libraries. The customer can choose to use one of the SAP SuccessFactors standard competency libraries or purchase a separate competency library from a third-party, such as Lominger. It is recommended that you save edited competencies to the customer library. 

The SAP SuccessFactors competency libraries contain highly researched and behaviorally focused competencies. They also contain Writing Assistant statements, Coaching Advice comments, and behavioral statements designed to support various modules. Customers can modify competency libraries at any time, or they can build custom libraries directly in SAP SuccessFactors.

There can be several competency libraries in each company instance.

Competency Library NameDescription
Competency 1.0 (the original Competency Library)
  • 51 competencies which have been highly researched

  • Writing Assistant statements

  • Coaching Advisor statements

Competency Library 2.1
  • 86 highly researched and behavior-focused competencies

  • Writing Assistant statements

  • Coaching Advisor statements

An Instance-specific Library
  • Automatically included in each instance

  • Named the same as the instance ID

  • Empty when first created

  • Available for customers to create their own competency library or place modified competencies from other libraries

  • Can be modified by an Admin at any time

Competency Elements

Competencies are used and displayed in:

  • Performance Forms
  • 360 Review Forms
  • Development Plans
  • Career Worksheets
  • SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Reports

A competency consists of a name and a description. The description further clarifies the competency name. You can edit the description and tailor it to the organization’s needs. 

Each competency is created in a competency category with an ID and GUID.

Competencies can also have additional components such as performance details.

Competency Attributes

A competency is an entity that consists of several attributes. These attributes define each competency. Besides the name and the unique identifier there are more attributes that can be defined on a competency level.

Select the buttons to learn more about each of the attributes.

Performance Details

Performance details are short but specific statements that describe actions, attitudes, or skills that demonstrate proficiency in the competency at a specific performance level. You can organize performance details into multiple performance levels, such as "Meets Expectations", "Exceeds Expectations", or "Needs Improvement".

Performance details can be used with competencies and competency behaviors and work the same way with both.

The term performance details is only visible to the admin. Modifying performance details customizes Writing Assistant and Coaching Advisor text. When creating a new competency, you can create new performance details for that competency.

Performance details break down the definition of a competency into tangible performance levels, and make a competency easier for users to evaluate.

To show that an employee meets the Customer Focus competency, the admin may create the following performance details:

  • Follows through with customers

  • Gets customer feedback

When an employee exhibits these actions and attitudes, the employee has met the definition of the Customer Focus competency. If an employee does not meet the Customer Focus competency, the admin may create the following performance details:

  • Appears unresponsive to customers

  • Does not understand customer perspective

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