Identifying Performance Management Key Features and Permissions

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify Performance Management design decisions, features, and permissions from an administrator and end user perspective

Design Decisions

SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management fundamentally transforms a cumbersome review process into a streamlined way to measure individual performance. Employees and managers work together to assess employees’ work performance, including their goal achievement and competencies using an online form. The online form consists of several sections and components, which can be designed based on customer needs and requirements. 

During the initial phases of an implementation, basic design decisions need to be made.

Watch this video to learn about the basic decisions customers must make when designing the performance form template.

Performance Form Sections Design

Each form contains sections that provide the reviewer with additional information. The form also displays information from other tools within SAP SuccessFactors, such as Goals. These tools provide the ability to rate and comment on goals and competencies. Stakeholders must make some important decisions about the information these sections provide and how they are structured. 

Explore the key decisions that need to be made for each of the basic sections of the Performance Form. 

Select the Start button to begin.

Performance Management Feature Settings

Since administrators do not have provisioning access, the Performance Management Feature Settings allow administrators to turn features on and off without needing to request it through an SAP SuccessFactors/SAP consultant.

Select the Start button and then each of the listed features to learn about the Performance Management Feature Settings.  

Email Notifications

Automatic e-mail notifications can be triggered from the system. Depending on the modules and tools that are turned on, the corresponding e-mail notifications appear in the list. Depending on customer requirements, the appropriate e-mail notifications need to be enabled and configured.

Turn Email Notification Templates On or Off

From Email Notification Templates, you can turn on or off various templates on the left-hand side of the screen, and edit the content of the templates on the right-hand side of the screen. You may want to enable additional notifications as you enable modules.

Typical Email Templates

Here is a list of the typical email templates used with the basic Performance Management Product:

  • Disabled User Notification

  • Document Creation Notification

  • Document Routing Notification

  • Document Reject Notification

  • Document Completed Notification

  • Document Forward Notification

  • Document Routing Skip Notification

  • Document Deletion Notification

  • Document Due Notification

  • Document Late Notification

Form Creation Permissions

You can permission which roles are able to create performance forms and define the default targets (for example, Self and Direct Reports) at the form template level.

This is independent of the permission to Launch Forms that you will normally grant to an Administrator to Mass create forms for the organization.

To Grant Form Creation Permissions

Within a testing or a training Instance, you can allow everyone to create Performance Management forms for themselves and (if applicable) their direct reports.


  1. Log in to the Instance as an admin user.

  2. From the Action Search, access Manage Permission Roles.

  3. Navigate to User PermissionsGeneral User Permission and enable Permission to Create Forms. You can select a specific form or all available forms.

  4. Navigate to Form Template Settings using Action Search. You can access your form template and find the Default Targets option. Here you can select Self and Direct Reports to allow users to create a form for themselves and any of their direct reports.

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