Introducing 360 Reviews

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of 360 Reviews and the 360 Detailed Report and complete initial configurations

The 360 Reviews Form

Organizations struggle to truly understand employee performance and to identify employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Many obstacles can stand in the way.

As an integrated part of the Performance and Goals bundle, 360 Reviews help organizations capture a more balanced and complete view of employee performance by soliciting feedback from various sources. Managers can more effectively identify gaps in performance and chart employees’ development courses.

360 Reviews help to identify employee blind spots and hidden strengths to guide development. They can also be used as a multi-rater assessment that can factor into an employee’s formal performance review.

360 Reviews can coincide with the performance review cycle or off-cycle as a completely separate process.

Watch this video for an overview of the 360 Form and its basic components.

Stages of 360 Reviews Route Maps

A 360 Reviews route map consists of stages similar to a Performance Review route map. An additional stage called Evaluation is inherent to a 360 process. It is in this stage where the actual assessment of the subject takes place.

Select each stage of the route map to learn more about how stages and steps are used within a 360 Reviews process

Review Evaluation

During the evaluation step, the employee cannot do anything to the form other than update the raters (if they have the appropriate permissions).

For internal raters, the evaluation process is like any other performance review. When the form is available, a link to that form appears in a Complete Your 360 Evaluation Engagement Card, available in the For You Today section of the Home Page. Alternatively, they can access from the To-Do Panel (Task Center), where a Review Performance action will display all forms on the employee's Inbox, or by accessing the Performance Inbox directly.

External raters have a slightly different process. When they have been invited to give feedback about an employee of an organization, they receive an email as shown in the figure, External Rater Notification.

The external rater can decide to Accept or Decline the invitation to evaluate. If declined, this information is fed back to the original form. If the rater accepts the invitation to evaluate, they must complete a verification process before accessing the form as shown in the figure, External Authorization. Once the verification is completed, they will be able to access the 360 Review form to evaluate.

Completion of Evaluation

While making the evaluation, the rater can select Save and Close to come back later and finish, or they can select Close Without Saving. When the evaluation is complete, they can choose Submit Finished Form.

When the form is finished and submitted, the form’s feedback will be available to the manager of the employee being rated. Once all of the raters have completed the form, it moves to the Completed step, and users with the appropriate permissions can see the completed reports.

Review Completion

The steps in the 360 Review process are as follows:

  1. Launch the forms.

  2. Select raters.

  3. Evaluate the review.

This process may vary slightly due to route map configurations and customer requirements.

Detailed 360 Report

After reviews have been submitted, the Detailed 360 Review Report is available from the employee’s 360 Review form. Typically, it is the employee’s manager who has access to this report. Managers can access the report from the En Route folder once they provide their own evaluation. Once all participants have submitted their evaluations (or declined to participate), the form is available in the manager’s Completed folder.

Select the Open Detailed 360 report link to explore the four report views.

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