Navigating 360 Executive Review

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Enable and view 360 form completion progress in Executive Review

The 360 Executive Review

The 360 Executive Review page offers a dashboard view of all 360° forms for individuals within a shared group. The 360 Executive Review allows managers and HR representatives to identify the current report progress, and filter by form template to generate a list view report. In the Summary Info view users can toggle between a chart and the data table.

Central administrators can see status information on the forms and are able to access the forms and rater lists so as to change the nominations, or view ratings. Central administrators also have access to the Detailed 360 report to view ratings and comments.

The figures below show a pie chart including the form progress and the corresponding list view report with data that populated the pie chart.

The 360 Executive Review is helpful in identifying who needs to take action to keep the review cycle moving forward. It includes the following features:

  • Send reminder emails for outstanding forms in the route map.

  • Modify the rater list.

  • Add approvers.

  • Receive feedback from third parties.

  • Add or remove competencies from the form.

  • Display Detailed 360 Reports.

  • Display individual form ratings that have been submitted.

The 360 Executive Review Permissions

Role-based permission is used to enable the 360 Executive Review for specific users in the system.

  1. Navigate to Manage Permission Roles from Action Search, then select the super administrator or full system administrator role.
  2. Under Administrator Permissions, select the link to expand permissions associated with Manage Documents.
  3. Check the box for 360 Executive Review and all checkboxes slightly indented below to grant all permissions that can accompany this feature.

Grant these permissions selectively by first configuring the permission role, then assigning it to a specific group of users in the instance. If you do not already have a defined group of users who should have this line of sight into 360 Reviews Forms, navigate to Manage Permission Groups to select a specific group of people with the filtering criteria.

After permission has been successfully granted, you will see a new tab display in the Performance area of the instance titled 360 Executive Review.

It can take time for new role-based permissions to be granted in the system. If you have followed the instructions and do not see the new 360 Executive Review tab, log out of the system and check back in 15 to 30 minutes.

Permissioned users have access to 360 review forms in a similar way that the process owner has access. This access is restricted to forms that you are sending into Evaluation as a process owner. However, the 360 Executive Review grants access across the board for all forms.

Forms that are links in the list view report are selectable and allow users with full role-based permissions to modify or view almost all information in the review form at each route map step.

Forms that are not selectable and have a small blue icon next to the title indicates that the user has access to the form because they are on the route map (for example, Manny Manager could be Edward’s supervisor, so Edward’s 360 Form is already in one of Manny’s performance folder inboxes). This means that you could access the form from your own performance inbox folder and have full viewing and editing capabilities.

Share Groups

The 360 Executive Review enables local and regional HR administrators to create groups and share the forms of those within those groups to other more central HR administrators. The central HR administrators can then monitor the status of 360 Reviews forms across their entire enterprise. This feature is especially beneficial for multinational businesses that need to provide form visibility to central HR administrators across subsidiaries.

Set Permission and Navigate the 360 Executive Review

Business Example

You are a system administrator. You have been asked to enable the 360 Executive Review tab with role-based permission, view the progress of forms, and test the capabilities as a user.

Learn how to enable permissions and then navigate through the 360 Executive Review.


  1. Verify that the following permissions are granted to the PMGM Admin role.

    • 360 Executive Review

    • Add Approver

    • Delete 360 Form

    • Get Feedback for Form

    • Modify Competency (Add/Remove Competency)

    • Modify Participants (Add/Remove Participants)

    • Send Back Form

    • Send Copy

    • Send Email Reminder

    • View Detailed 360 Report

    • View Participant Ratings (For Completed Forms)

    1. Log into the instance and navigate to Manage Permission Roles using Action Search.

    2. Find the PMGM Admin role and select Permission.

    3. Go to Administrator PermissionsManage Documents, and add the listed permissions.

    4. Select Done.

    5. Select Save Changes.

    6. Log out and log back to the instance to ensure that permission changes are reflected.

  2. Open a general overview of where forms are in the review process.

    1. In the main menu, navigate to Performance.

    2. Select the 360 Executive Review tab.

    3. Expand the Filter criteria.

    4. Select your 360 form from the Template Name dropdown menu and select Filter.

    5. Expand the Forms Summary to view where the forms are in the review process.

      It may be helpful to launch additional forms to populate the charts with more data.
  3. In the list view report, try to do the following tasks:

    • Adding and removing participants from the rater list

    • Adding an approver

    • Sending an email reminder

    • Viewing a Detailed 360 report

    • Viewing an individual form submitted by a rater

    1. Scroll down to the list view report and click a form.

    2. Try to complete the tasks in the list.

      Forms must be in specific route steps/stages when testing the capabilities of 360 Executive Review (for example, evaluation step/stage to send email reminders; completed step for Detailed 360 Report).
  4. Proxy into the account of another user with 360 Executive Review permission and try to complete the same list of tasks.

    1. Proxy into the account of another user with 360 Executive Review permission.

    2. Complete steps 2 and 3.

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