Setting Up Features and Role-Based Permissions

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain main Goal Management concepts, including feature settings and role-based permissions related to Goal Management
  • Identify the email notifications in Goal Management

Goal Management Feature Settings

In SAP’s long-term goal of empowering customers, various provisioning settings for the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite have been added to Admin Center. As a result, it is easier and faster for administrators who do not have provisioning access to turn features on and off without needing to request them through an SAP SuccessFactors Professional Services. 

Enable Goal Management Features

Business Example

In this exercise, you will be enabling some relevant Goal Management Feature Settings in your instance.

Learn how to enable some Goal Management feature settings from the instance.


  1. Enable Goal Management Feature Settings

    1. Navigate to Goal Management Feature Settings using Action Search. You can type "feature" in the Action Search to display the option.

    2. Verify that the following options are already enabled:

      • TGM/CDP Goal Transfer Wizard
      • Enable Goal Management Access Permission
      • Goal Import
      • Enable Group Goals 2.0 (Only for Legacy Goal Management)
      • Enable target population for group goals (Only for Legacy Goal Management)
    3. Enable the following features:

      • Enable Team Goals
      • Enable Delete Team Goals Share (Only for Legacy Goal Management)
    4. Click Save. You should display a popup message "Successfully saved!" to confirm.

Role-Based Permissions in Goal Management

The Role-Based Permissions framework is vast and encompasses permissions for all modules of SAP SuccessFactors. For the purpose of this unit, we will focus on permissions for Goal Management.

Permission Roles

Permission Roles control the access permissions in the system and define the overall access to data and application functionality. The permission settings are divided into User Permissions and Administrator Permissions.

Enable Permissions for Goal Management

Business Example

In this exercise, you will be adding Goal Management permissions for some of your end-users.

Learn how to grant role-based permissions specific to Goal Management.


  1. Add Goal Management user permissions for the Managers role

    1. Navigate to Manage Permission Roles using Action Search.

    2. Select the Managers role.

    3. Locate the section Goals under User Permissions, and enable the following permissions:

      • Manage Team Goal
      • Assign Team Goals
      • Share Team Goals
    4. Click Done.

    5. Click Save Changes .

    6. Log out and log back in to reflect permission changes in your instance.

Email Notifications

There are four standard goal activity email notifications that can be activated for each goal plan. Each of these notifications can be enabled or disabled, as the customer desires, and the verbiage of the emails can be updated. E-mail notifications can be found navigating to E-mail Notification Template Settings using Action Search.

Notification NameDescription
Goal Creation NotificationAutomatically sent to a user when a goal is created for them.
Goal Delete NotificationAutomatically sent to a user when a goal is deleted by manager from Direct Report goal plan view.
Goal Modification Notification (daily)Sent every 24 hours to the employee and to the manager if changes are made to public goals on the employee’s goal plan. The message includes created, modified, and deleted goals. Users are not notified of changes they make themselves.
Goal Comment NotificationAutomatically sent to the employee and/or the employee’s direct line manager when threaded feedback is added to a goal plan. This option requires the goal plan to have the threaded feedback switch enabled in the goal plan template XML.
Some additional resources to check for more details about these Email Notifications:

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