Configuring SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting Settings

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create and manage posting profiles and groups
  • Associate a posting profile with a user
  • Add a job board to a job board list
  • Associate a job board to posting profiles
  • Manage packs for job boards
  • Manage job board availability settings for job boards
  • Add school job boards
  • Associate school job boards to posting profiles
  • Map job requisition fields to job board fields
  • Configure job board posting rules

Posting Profiles and Groups

Posting Profiles

A posting profile is a job posting entity that must be associated with one or several recruiting management users, usually recruiters. A user can have any number of different posting profiles. A posting profile is used to define job boards, job board configurations, and job board contracts that a user with permission can access.

Recruiters with assigned profiles can manage their job postings. A posting profile can be set up, so that it mimics a company organization by brand, by location, by contract type, and so on. Jobs can be posted on behalf of the organization, office, brand, subsidiary, and so on. The name of the posting profile does not necessarily have to match to an employee name, but can be used as a shared posting entity. It is recommended to use it as an organizational type under which several recruiters are associated. This way you can then create a tailored posting profile organization.

Posting Profile Data Protection and Privacy Compliance

A user can deactivate or delete a posting profile in line with data protection and privacy requirements. Deactivating sets the posting profile to inactive. An inactive posting profile can be displayed by using the filter menu on the left panel. An inactive posting profile will be entirely deleted and purged after 30 days of deactivation.

If the posting profile is deleted, it will be removed, and data associated with it will be purged. In this same action menu, you can download personal data report of any posting profile before it is deleted. The data exported will be username, first name/last name, email, telephone, address, location, and so on.

Note that if you remove a posting profile after having posted a job with it, you will have limited actions on the job posting, such as adding a job board, editing job postings, and reposting on one job board will not be available as the job needs to be re-associated to an existing posting profile. The only posting action available is the global repost on all the job boards as this action creates an entirely new posting and consume one Recruiting Posting credit. It will start from the posting profile selection step. You will then post with a new posting profile, among the ones your user has been associated with.


Groups are optional and can contain posting profiles or other groups. Most of the actions done with a group will be inherited by the posting profiles and the groups within this group (for example, setting job board availability to a group, associating a configuration, associating a contract, associating a job board). It is possible to remove empty groups, and also groups that contain posting profiles after confirming that users agree on removing all groups and posting profiles inside this group.

Groups are typically be used by bigger companies as groups can be created to match company organization structure. Posting profiles can be grouped by office location, brand, contract type, and so on. When groups are used, create the group first, and then add posting profiles inside the groups to create the needed structure.

Make sure that at the last level of company structure, at least one posting profile is created. If not, the structure will not be usable. It is not possible to post any job with a group; a user needs to be assigned to a posting profile and not the group. A group is a container, not a posting entity.

Company Descriptions

The configured company descriptions will be automatically retrieved into the job posting form. As you use a posting profile to post a job, you must set the company descriptions that your recruiters will need (language and content). You can set several company descriptions, such as default and optional. You can add, edit, and remove company descriptions at every level of your company organization (root level, group level, or posting profile level). The company descriptions will be prepopulated in the Recruiting Posting job posting form according to the job requisition available languages.

Some specific behaviors rule the company descriptions between entities (groups and posting profiles) according to the hierarchic structure of your company.

  • If a company description exists at upper level in your company organization, requesting the same company description language at your current level will prepopulate this field with the closest existing description (when ascending bottom to top level).

  • If you did not set a company description at one posting profile level, the closest upper level company description will prepopulate the posting form during job posting, according to the languages available in your job requisition.

  • If you edit a company description from upper level, this will not update the lower levels company description if those have been edited before.

Users to Posting Profile Association

Every Recruiting Management user must have at least one posting profile assigned to be able to post jobs to a job board via Recruiting Posting.

The methods of assigning a Recruiting Management user to a posting profile are as follows:

  • Assign one shared posting profile to several Recruiting Management users.

    This method is the typical way that a Recruiting Management user is assigned a posting profile.

  • Assign several posting profiles to one Recruiting Management user.

    By using this method, the user can access different job boards with different settings. There is no restriction on the number of posting profiles assigned to one Recruiting Management user.

  • Copy the assigned posting profiles from one user to another.

    For example, User A is used as a reference user. Other users will inherit the posting profiles associated with User A, along with job board configuration settings.

To create new group or posting profile, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the bottom-left button.

  2. Choose whether you want to create a group or a posting profile.

    You can add posting profiles inside groups to create your company organization.
    1. To create a group: Select Group and complete the information.

    2. To create a posting profile:

      1. Select Posting Profile.

      2. Fill in the required information. First name and last name refers to the person in charge of this posting profile. Some job boards will have the profile name pushed on the job board, some will display only the company name. Make sure that the profile information and its company information is filled for each profile.

      3. Set additional company description languages. Depending on the job requisition available languages, the posting profile’s company description will be automatically retrieved if an additional company description has been set for these languages.

Job Board Integration

Some job boards are not integrated with Recruiting Posting, that is, they will not be displayed in any job board catalog of Recruiting Posting.

Each customer can request 10 job boards integration per calendar year. Before requesting a new integration, please make sure that the following prerequisites are completed:

  • Contact of a qualified person on the job board side for such an integration

  • Valid contract, in case the job board requests it

A request can be submitted directly from the Job Board Market Place section, using the Request a new job board button on the top-right corner of the screen.

Integration requests are completely free of charge (if the requirements have been followed). An integration request might not go through for the following reasons:

  • The job board refuses or does not answer to the technical integration with Recruiting Posting.

  • The job board is not technically limited for such an integration.

Detailed job board information includes the following:

  • Information on whether the job board is paid or free. Job boards marked with a $ sign in the top-right corner are paid job boards. Those with a green Add sign are free job boards. Be careful, some of the free job boards require posting credits to post the job. When adding a job board to the Job Board list, make sure that the customer has a contract with those job boards that require a contract.

  • Job duration information indicates for how long the job will be posted before it has to be reposted again. If the job board is a paid job board, job board credits will be charged.

  • A job board’s detailed description is available under Learn more.

Job Board Market Place: Reliability Index

The reliability index is available on the job board overview page. It offers a calculation of a statistical reliability indicator for each Job Board Market Place's job board. It considers various factors: the number of customers associated, integration quality, job board’s feedback, and so on. Thus, a job board with a good reliability index is likely to have a high-standard integration with Recruiting Posting, be responsive, and give feedback.

The reliability index includes the following labels:

  • Standard: Integration with this job board is functional, but might have room for improvement regarding its technical quality.

  • Enhanced: Integration with this job board is reliable due to a solid relationship and positive feedback.

  • Optimal: SAP recognizes that the integration with this job board has the highest level of reliability thanks to its optimal technical quality and SAP’s privileged relationship with them.

  • New: The job board was integrated to SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting less than 6 months ago.

Addition of a Job Board to My Jobs Boards List

To add job board to the My Job Boards list, proceed as follows:

  1. Find the job board you would like to add using the search option or filters on the left side of the screen.

  2. For paid job boards, select if you want to continue with Basic (quick way to set up a job board) or Advanced Configuration (entering more details but providing more flexibility).

After adding the job board to the list of job boards, the user will need the job board to be activated to post jobs to it. To do so, the user will need to complete a job board configuration. It can be a value, or a set of values, such as client ID, login/password, email, or token, that allows Recruiting Posting to authenticate the customer to the job board.

Depending on the job board, the information requested from the customer can vary. For most of the job boards, all the configuration is set between Recruiting Posting and the job board. In this case, to trigger the activation, inform a name for the configuration (by default, the value "Customer @ Job Board" is set).

For some job boards (for example, LinkedIn), the user will need to enter credentials (login/password). For free job boards, no credentials are requested and entering a configuration name is enough to activate the job board. The activation of a job board can require some actions by the customer, by the job board, by Recruiting Posting, or by a combination of them. Note that fields that need to be completed in the configuration section might vary based on the specific job board requirements.

Types of Configuration

The types of configuration include the following:

  • Basic configuration

  • Advanced configuration

Basic Configuration

Basic configuration associates the job boards, contracts, and configuration to all posting profiles and one single contract.

Advanced Configuration

In contrast to the basic configuration where all posting profiles are assigned to a single job board contract and a single job board configuration, advanced configuration lets you set up your job board configuration(s), job board contract(s), and posting profiles individually, giving you more flexibility. In fact, for one job board, it is possible to have several configurations that are not assigned to all posting profiles. It is also true for the contracts.

All settings are done in the Manage My Job Board section, therefore if users select the advanced configuration option when adding the job board, they will be redirected to the My Job Boards section automatically.

It’s important to note that in the production environment, before adding the job board to the list, make sure that you have the credentials for the job board available.

A job board must be fully activated to post the jobs to it. Activation can take a few days.

For free job boards, you can connect to all users immediately.

My Job Boards

The My Job Boards section contains all job boards that were added from the Job Market Place.

An admin user can maintain job board settings as follows:

  • Search through the job boards and update the job board details (associated posting profile or groups, update configuration, or contract information).

  • Add a new job board.

  • Delete the job board: Active job postings associated with deleted job board will be available until end of the posting duration period. Note that if a job board is deleted but some job postings are still active, the jobs will be posted until their expiry date and the user will not be able to repost it on this job board.

Job Board Page Overview

From the Manage my Job Boards area, a user can do the following:

  • Associate posting profiles to a job board.

  • Add or modify contracts and configurations for a job board.

Information is divided into the following tabs:

  • Posting Profiles and Groups

  • Configurations

  • Contracts

Job Board Market Place

The Job Board Market Place contains most of the job boards (free, paid, and school job boards) that are integrated with Recruiting Posting. Some of the job boards might not be available in Job Board Market Place but Recruiting Posting has a technical integration with them. As they require complex integration, they are not open to self-service administration from the Job Board Market Place.

The Job Board Market Place configuration workflow is designed to guide our customers through the different steps required to send job postings using Recruiting Posting. Everything can be setup in one single interface: Enter your customer credentials and select the posting profiles that will be able to access the job board.

To enter credentials, use the Add link associated with the job board.

Continue by using the wizard to select the posting profiles associated with the job board.

Note that those job boards are available in the job board catalog, along with all the job boards available in the Job Board Market Place. The job board catalog is available on the Partner Delivery Community and the Customer Community. This document is updated every quarter for the product release.

Some of the job boards provide a sandbox to test job postings from the Recruiting Posting Preview environment. These job boards have a Sandbox Available label.

Configurations Tab

Associating a job board configuration to a posting profile sends job postings with the correct credentials to the job boards. It is mandatory to complete information in this tab as it confirms the link between the job board and the customer.

Users can associate a configuration to one or to multiple posting profiles. Additional posting profiles can be assigned from the Posting Profile and Groups sub tab if needed.

To complete the Configuration tab, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the Configuration tab and click New configuration.

  2. Enter Credentials.

  3. Define the posting profiles that will be sharing these credentials.

  4. Save your data.

You can check the job board configuration status in the Status column. If the job board is not configured properly you will see a status of "Configuration error". Open the Configuration tab, review the information, and update as needed.

Note, that in the Preview/Testing environment, the status will be still displayed as correctly configured because no confirmation from job board will happen.

Note that the credentials information requested for a job board configuration in the Credential section can be different from one job board to another. Some job boards require login/password (LinkedIn); some require token generation on the job board website.

Configurations are not editable as soon as they are fully validated. To assign additional posting profiles to a job board configuration, you should create a new configuration. A best practice is to assign the configuration at the level of the group when you create a new configuration. Then, any profile added to this group afterwards will inherit the configuration (assuming you may have additional posting profiles to create in your company organization).

Credits Management

When posting job to any job board via Recruiting Posting, the following types of credits are:

  • Job Board credits

Job Board Credits

Each time a user posts a job to a paid job board, one job board credit specific to this job board will be used. Job board credits are bought directly from the job board and details are included in the contract.

Information about job board credits are maintained in Admin CenterManage Recruiting PostingManage my Job BoardsContracts. Information entered here is used to calculate the cost of the posting.

Note that very few free job boards also require job board credits. Credits are charged once a certain number of job are posted. All details regarding credits is available in the contract signed with the job board.

Packs Tab

Associating a contract with several posting profiles allows a user to set rules of dispatch between these posting profiles. It is also possible to associate a contract to only one posting profile. The contract information is used to calculate the job board credit consumption and calculate the total posting cost of one job.

To create a new job board contract, proceed as follows:

  1. Select New Pack.

  2. Complete the information in Pack Details tab.

    • Select For a pack field if you have purchased a pack of job board credits from the job board. Update the information in this tab with the newly purchased pack information and save the contract. It is recommended to enter a fixed value of credits into the Credits field.

    • Select Per Unit field if you consume freely credits and the job board charges you on a regular basis. In this case, define the job board credits unitary cost field as well. The number of credits should be set to "infinite" as you will be charged based on what you consumed.

    • A user can include additional details, such as contract information and other helpful notes, in a comments box while creating a job board pack. Comments, once added, are editable when the user views the job board pack.
  3. Allocate job board credits between posting profiles.

    1. Use the > button to drill down to the level of the groups or posting profile you want to assign the job board credits.

    2. To assign job board credits select Edit and enter the number of credits that should be assigned to the selected posting profile or group. By setting unlimited, your profile will use the job board credits as long as there are some available.

    3. Save your data.

  4. If there is any other job board that should be linked with this contract you can associate it in the Associated Job Boards tab. Please note that this job board has to be already added to My Job Board section.

It is highly recommended to complete information in this tab based on the information from contract with a job board. As it is not mandatory, if the information is not entered, this profile and the other profiles under one configuration will consume the job board credits without any restriction indefinitely.

If the information does not reflect the actual contract information with the job board, at some point, jobs will not be posted on the job board due to an error sent from the job board or the job board will not be available anymore at the job board selection step.

In cases where the company has several contracts with a job board (for example, job boards in Europe and U.S.), billed in Euros and US dollars, both contracts need to be configured so credits can be calculated properly.

Note that some information in this tab might be already completed if the job board was added to the list using the basic configuration option.

Posting Profiles and Groups Tab

Associating a job board to a posting profile (or a group) makes the job board visible on the job board selection step. The options for job board availability when posting jobs are as follows:

  • Default: The job board is available for the selected posting profiles. The user can decide whether the job should be posted to the job board or not.

    Preselected: When a job board is set as preselected, the job will be posted to the job board unless it is cleared when the job is being posted.

  • Mandatory: The job board must be used for all postings for the selected posting profiles. It is not possible to clear this job board during the posting process.

My School Job Boards

A user can maintain My School Job Board settings as follows:

  • Authorize a specific posting profile or group to post jobs to the school job board: Choose Edit Set of Posting Profiles and select the posting profiles to be associated. Only users assigned to these posting profiles can post jobs on this job board.

  • Delete a school job board: Choose Delete school on the top-right action link.

  • Add a school job board: The user will be redirected to the Job Board Market Place to add a school job board.

My School Job Boards Association to Posting Profiles

In the Configurations tab, specific credentials can be assigned to selected posting profiles and groups. Access to various school job boards can be managed the same way as for other job boards.

Job Posting Rules and Field Mapping

You can either map a job posting field with a job requisition field or define an auto-fill value for a job posting field. These actions will speed up the job posting process since job posting fields will already be completed. This means that your recruiters won't have to waste time filling out so many fields manually. The table only shows supported fields. Click the plus (+) sign to add a new rule.

Adding a Job Posting Rule

When adding a new job posting rule, select a map with requisition fields or define auto-fill values for a job posting field. The arrow directs you to further configuration regarding the contract and details.

1st level: By clicking Add fields and scrolling the list of available fields, you will define, for a particular job posting field, which job requisition field will be associated.

2nd level (only for job posting fields which are picklist type): You will define, for each value of the selected job requisition picklist (selected in level 1), which value of the job posting picklist the association will be made.

Note that if the job posting field is a picklist type, then you will only be able to associate a picklist type among the job requisition fields available. It is possible to concatenate several job requisition fields with + button and reorganize the display order when mapped in Recruiting Posting by using the up or down arrows.

Note that the job requisition fields from all existing job requisition templates will be listed (there might be some duplicates in this list). To make sure that the field mapping is effective no matter which job requisition template is used for a job requisition, a best practice is to concatenate the job requisition fields from each template into one single job posting field (for instance, concatenate the job requisition fields "Function_Template_1" + "Function_Template_2" + "Function_Template_3" for the job posting field "Function").

Auto-Fill Value

Auto-fill value sets a default value that will be systematically pre-filled when a recruiter completes the job posting form.

Location Object in Recruiting Posting Field Mapping (Jobs with Multiple Locations)

When completing the field mapping for all location information, users have the option to use the "Map to location Foundation Object (Multiple locations supported)" rule. When using this field completion rule, Recruiting Posting will populate the following job board fields with the information stored in the Location object:

  • Location
  • Postcode
  • Country/Region

If multiple locations have been selected in the job requisition for a job, the job can be posted to multiple locations at once on the job boards that support multiple locations. This avoids the need to create several job postings for different places. Previously, you could post a job to a single location at a time. To post jobs to multiple locations, you had to post the same job several times for the same position.

Please note that not all job boards in the Job Board Market Place support job postings with multiple locations. Job boards that do not support multiple locations provide only the primary location to post the jobs.

Specific Job Board Rules

Recruiting posting capabilities have significantly increased the job requisition fields which pre-populate the job posting fields. Now, through the job posting rules tile, object fields and new field types, such as salary, check box, and multiple choice, are supported to auto-fill values.

Use Recruiting Posting

Business Example

Enable the Recruiting Posting settings and then use Recruiting Posting.

Task 1: Review Recruiting Posting Settings in Provisioning


  1. Validate that the correct links are entered in Recruiting Posting in Company Settings.

    1. Navigate to ProvisioningCompany SettingsRecruiting Posting Settings.

    2. Ensure that the Recruiting Posting base URL is set (the URL should be automatically completed, as the environment has been selected).

    3. Ensure that the Recruiting Posting API Base URL is set.

  2. Validate the New Assertion Consumer Service link.

    1. Navigate to Authorized Consumer Service Settings.

    2. Validate that the Assertion Consumer Services link has been added.

    3. Save your settings.

    The link entered in Company Settings must match to the link entered in Assertion Consumer Services.

Task 2: Assign Permissions in Admin Center


  1. Validate the permissions have been set for the administrator to manage Recruiting Posting settings in the Admin Center.

    1. From the Admin Center, select Manage Permission Roles.

    2. Select the admin role that should have the permission (for example, Full System Administrator).

    3. Validate that the appropriate permission: PermissionAdministrator PermissionsManage RecruitingManage Recruiting Posting.

  2. Validate that the permissions have been set for recruiters to post jobs and access details of posted job (job boards where job was posted to, and so on).

    1. From the Admin Center, select Manage Permission Roles.

    2. Select role that should have the permission (for example, Recruiters).

    3. Select PermissionUser PermissionsRecruiting Permissions.

    4. Validate that the appropriate permission has been granted: PermissionUser PermissionsRecruiting Posting Permission and OData API Job Requisition Export.

    A synchronization script is executed every day at 5:00 AM GMT, allowing Recruiting Management users with Recruiting Posting permission to be created in the Recruiting Posting back office and can then be associated with a posting profile.

Task 3: Create Posting Profiles and Groups

In this task, you will create:

  • Self-standing posting profile (Hamburg Office)

  • Groups and posting profiles to match the structure. Please note that offices at the company lowest level should be set up as posting profiles. Countries and regions represent groups.


  1. Create a self-standing posting profile called Hamburg Office.

    1. Navigate to Admin CenterManage Recruiting Posting.

    2. Click Manage Posting Profile & Groups.

    3. Click Company name on the left-hand side.

    4. Click the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.

    5. Select Posting Profile in the posting profile or group field.

    6. Enter the name of the Posting Profile: Hamburg Office.

    7. Complete the posting profile contact information with the following:

      • Name: Paula Price
      • Email:

      Since this is a stage environment, we are entering test data/contact information, but in a production environment, a real email address should always be used.

    8. Select Save to save the data.


    Posting profile contact details should be the contact details of the posting profile owner. In this case, for the exercises, the posting profile owner should be Paula Price.

    Undefined email address (noreply email addresses, and so on) should not be used in this case.

  2. Create groups and posting profiles to copy the company structure displayed in the figure, Company Structure.

    1. In the Manage Recruiting Posting section, click Create Posting Profile or Group at the bottom of the screen.

    2. Select Group in the posting profile or group field.

    3. Enter the name of the group (for example, SAP EMEA).

    4. Select Save to save the data.

    5. Repeat the steps until all groups and posting profiles are created.

Task 4: Associate Users to Posting Profiles


  1. Associate a user with a posting profile.

    1. Navigate to Admin CenterManage Recruiting Posting.

    2. Click Associate users to posting profiles.

    3. From the list of users on the left, select HR Coordinator.

    4. Click Edit set of posting profiles on the right side of the screen.

    5. Drill down through the structure until you get to the SAP USA group.

    6. Select SAP USA and click Save.

    7. Ensure that the HR Coordinator has two posting profiles assigned: New York Office and San Francisco Office.

  2. Copy the assigned posting profiles from the HR Coordinator to any other users at one time.

    1. Make sure that you are looking at HR Coordinator assigned posting profile (you see list of assigned profiles to this user).

    2. Select Copy set of posting profiles in the top-right corner. The message: "Set of posting profiles of HR Coordinator copied to clipboard" appears at the bottom of the screen.

    3. From the list of users on left, select Paula Price and Quentin Quincy.

    4. Select Apply to select users in the bottom right corner.

    5. Check if Paula and Quentin have posting profiles assigned.

    6. To cancel copy mode, select Cancel at the bottom of the screen.

    If you do not see the user that you want to associate with posting profile on the list, the reason might be that this user was not synchronized into Recruiting Posting. Make sure that this user has correct permissions assigned. Remember that synchronization occurs once a day 5:00 AM GMT.

Task 5: Add Job Boards


  1. Add a free job board to the list of your job boards.

    1. Navigate to Admin CenterManage Recruiting Posting.

    2. Click Job Board Marketplace.

    3. Using the search option, search for Job Inventory.

    4. Click on the plus sign to add the job board.

    5. Select the checkbox next to your Company ID to connect it to all posting profiles and select Add.

    6. Navigate to the Manage Recruiting Posting main page and select the Manage my job boards tile.

    7. Check if the job boards were added to the list. There will some other job boards already added

  2. Add a paid job board by using basic configuration option.

    1. Navigate to Admin CenterManage Recruiting Posting.

    2. Click Job Board Marketplace.

    3. Using the search option, search for a paid job board

    4. Review details of the job boards by clicking the i icon.

    5. Select Add to add the job board to your list.

    6. Select the checkbox to agree to being contacted after adding this job board (since this is a demo environment, none of your information will be shared).

    7. Click Next.

    8. Associate the job board to the Company (select the checkbox next to your instance Company ID).

    9. Click Add and Close.

  3. When prompted if you want to stay on the page or leave the Job Board Market Place, click Stay.

    • You will be adding a new job board by using advanced configuration in the next task.

    • Information that needs to be completed in the My Job Boards section might be different for each job board because this information is requested by the job board. The job board uses this information to identify the customer and confirm that a valid contract is in place.

    Some of the job boards (for example, Twitter) require an access token to be entered into job board configuration details. This is not available in the preview environment, so you will not be able to add this job board.

Task 6: Add a Paid Job Board and Configure Contract Packs


  1. Add a paid job board from the Job Board Market Place.

    1. Navigate to Admin CenterManage Recruiting Posting.

    2. Click Job Board Market Place.

    3. Search for Monster US and select Add. Agree to the message.

    4. If needed insert Credentials:

      • Login: Enter your email address.
      • Password: Enter a password.
      This is where the customer will need to enter their credentials that they have created with Monster when their contract was created. These credentials will vary between job boards and it is the customer’s responsibility to provide these details. Since we are working within a stage environment in this course, we can enter any credentials and the system will accept them. In the production environment, the credentials entered for each job board will be sent for validation from Recruiting Posting.
  2. Configure the Posting Profiles and Groups tab.

    1. In Add Job Board to Posting Profiles, select the SAP North America group (do not drill down to a lower level). This way, you have assigned all posting profiles in the SAP North America group to this job board. You will be able to limit assigned posting profiles by contract in the Packs tab in Manage Recruiting PostingMy Job Boards.

    2. Select Add and Close.

    3. You will be prompted with a message asking if you would like to continue adding job boards or if you would like to go to the job board management page or stay on the Job Board Market Place. Select Go.

  3. Configure the Monster job board details.

    Once you are re-directed to My Job BoardsMonster US, you will be able to find the Credentials, Packs, and Availability tabs for Monster. You will see that within the Credentials tab, the status of Monster is automatically validated. This is because we are in the stage environment.

    1. Navigate to the Packs tab.

    2. Select New Pack on the right-hand side and enter the name of the contract based on which it will be easily identified, for example, Monster U.S.

    3. For this exercise, complete the mandatory information at the minimum. This information will be available in the contract with the job board.

      • Name of Pack: Monster U.S.
      • Type: Credits
      • Credits: 100 (uncheck Unlimited; this should only be used if the customer has an unlimited number of job board credits with the job board)
      • Currency: USD
    4. In Associated Job Boards, you can associate this contract that we have configured to related Monster job boards. Since we are only adding one, you do not need to complete this step.

    5. Click Save.
    6. Once you have saved the pack details, you will see a new tab for associating posting profiles and groups. Assign Monster US to the New York and San Francisco office posting profiles. Once you assigned the posting profile, you will be able to assign the number of job board credits. SAP North America (San Francisco and New York posting profiles) should have the full number of job board credits assigned to them (100, or unlimited).

    Information that needs to be completed in the Configuration and Contract section might be different for each job board because this information is requested by the job board. The job board uses this information to identify the customer and confirm that valid contract is in place.

Task 7: Add School Job Boards


  1. Navigate to Admin CenterManage Recruiting Posting.

  2. Click Job Board Market Place and at the top of the screen, click the Schools switch to view available school job boards.

  3. Search for London Business School.

    1. Click Add to add the job board to the list.

    2. Enter the credentials for the London Business School.

      • Name: This will be the Company ID @ London Business School.
      • Login: Your email address (this will be provided by the customer).
      • Password: Enter a password (this will be provided by the customer).
    3. Connect the job board to all posting profiles by selecting the checkbox next to your Company ID, clicking Add and Close, and choose Go.

  4. You will be directed to the My School Boards. Here, you can check if the job board was properly added to your list of school job boards.

    You can also navigate to this page to check your list of school job boards by using the following navigation:

    • From Manage Recruiting Posting, navigate to My School Job Boards and then check if the job board was added to the list.

Task 8: Map Recruiting Posting to Recruiting Management Fields


  1. Navigate to Admin CenterManage Recruiting Posting.

  2. Within the Job Posting Rules tile, click Field Completion.

  3. Select your job requisition template and begin mapping your fields.

  4. Map the Company description job posting field with the External Job Description job requisition field.

  5. Map the Temporary Type job posting field with Full / Part Time job requisition field. As these are picklist fields, you need to map individual field values.

    1. Select the > symbol on the right.

    2. Map Full time to Permanent.

    3. Map Part Time to Contract.

    4. Save your settings.

  6. Map the Education Level field to an auto-fill value. Find the Education Level field and click the + button to create a new field mapping. Select Define auto-fill values. Select English for language. Select Bachelor’s Degree.

  7. Save your settings.

    You will be able to check if the mapping works correctly during the posting process.

Task 9: Post the Job to the Selected Job Board


  1. Navigate to Recruiting. From the list of the jobs, select the one that you would like to post to job board. Click the I/E link in the Job Posting column. Make sure that this job is already posted externally.

  2. Select Post and Manage Jobs on the Job Board Posting – Recruiting Posting section.

    If the user has more than one posting profile assigned, you will need to select under which profile this job will be posted. If the user has only one profile assigned, this screen will not be available.
  3. Complete the Select job boards section.

    1. Select LinkedIn in the General job boards section.

    2. Click Next.
  4. Complete the specific fields section.

    1. Review information that is already pre-filled.

    2. Check if information for the fields Company description and Contract type, (fields that were mapped in the Admin Center) are properly populated. If not, check if fields are completed on the job requisition.

    You can track your completion status on the bottom left corner. Do not click Next until you reach 100%.
  5. Review your posting information in the Review your posting section. If you need to make a correction, select Back.

  6. Select Submit to send the job to selected job boards.

    In the stage environment, the job will not get posted to any job board.

Task 10: Review the Posted Job


  1. Navigate to Recruiting to the Job Posting page of the job you have just posted.

  2. Select Post and Manage Jobs. Details of the posted job is available.

  3. Check the following:

    • How many clicks have you received so far?

    • What is the expire date of the job?

    • Can you add additional job board?

    The status will be shown as Pending because jobs are not being posted in the stage environment.

Task 11: Make Sure that Fields are Translated into a Language in XML

It is possible to post job requisition in multiple languages using Recruiting Posting. To be able to do so, the job requisition must exist in the language.


  1. Open your latest versions of the JRDM XML and check the settings.

    1. Login to Provisioning.

    2. Navigate to Import/Update/Export Job Requisition Template.

    3. Download the latest version.

Task 12: Enable the Language in Provisioning


  1. Enable the language in Provisioning.

    1. Log in to Provisioning.

    2. Navigate to Company Settings.

    3. Check if following language packs are enabled: Deutsch (German), English US, Español (Spanish).

    4. If you made changes, make sure that you save your settings.

Task 13: Enable the Language in Admin Center


  1. Log in to the Admin Center and make sure that languages are enabled.

    1. Log in to the Admin Center.

    2. Search for Manage Recruiting Languages.

    3. Make sure that Deutsch, English, and Spanish languages are enabled.

    4. Save your settings.

Task 14: Enable a Language in the Job Requisition


  1. Navigate to Recruiting and open the job requisition that you want to post to a job board.

  2. Update the languages in which the job requisition should be posted.

    1. Look for the Post Job in Language(s) field.

    2. Click Update.

    3. Select English (United States) and Español (Spanish).

    4. Save your settings.

  3. Review your job requisition in the Spanish language.

    1. From the top of the page, change the language to Español.

    2. Check the fields and update Job Title and Job Description for internal as well as for external candidates.

    3. Save your settings.

Task 15: Post the Job Requisition in the Spanish Language


  1. Navigate to the posting page.

  2. Select Post and Manage Jobs.

  3. Select the Posting Profile under which you want to post the job.

  4. Select the Job Boards screen.

    1. Select the job board to which you want to post the job.

      Not all job boards support posting in various languages. Note that LinkedIn and Jooble do support languages.
    2. In the Job board language, select Spanish.

    3. Move to the next screen.

  5. Check and complete the fields in the Complete specific fields section.

  6. Review your posting.

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