Managing Jobs

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Post a job
  • Manage posted jobs
  • Check job board efficiency

Job Posting Enablement

To be able to post jobs to a job board, a user needs the following:

  • Have the correct permissions assigned

  • Be associated with one posting profile at minimum

To post a job to a job board through Recruiting Posting, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the job to be posted to a job board.

  2. Post the job externally.

  3. Access Post and Manage Jobs and select the posting profile.

  4. Select a job board.

  5. Complete job-board-specific fields.

  6. Review the job posting information and post the job.

  7. Review applicants.

Select the job to be posted to a job board

From the Job Requisitions page in Recruiting Management, hover over the job and select Job Postings.

Post the job externally

Post the job externally first, so that a career site URL is generated.

Select the posting profile

From the posting profiles that the user has access to, select the appropriate one for posting this job.

  • Depending on profile selection, a list of job boards will be available.

  • If the user is assigned only to one profile, this screen will not be available.

Select a job board

This page allows a user to select all job boards where the job should be posted. Remember that a user has to have posting profile assigned and only those job boards are available, that are connected with that specific posting profile.

General activities on this screen are as follows:

  • Progress track on the top of the screen

  • Number of credits consumed based on the job board selection displayed on the top-right corner

  • Posting profile change on the top-right corner (for example, the user does not have a job board available where the job should be posted)

  • Favorite Job Boards: If a Favorite list has been created earlier, a user can retrieve the selection to the current job board selection

  • Save my selection option on the bottom-right corner to add a set of job boards as a favorite selection. The user should first make a favorite job board selection and then select the Save my selection option and name it (frequently used to make favorites by job function, such as Engineer, Sales, Management, and so on).

The Job Posting page has several major sections:

  • List of available Job Boards: Full list of the job boards that are associated with user posting profile is displayed in this section. A free job board has green crossed $ sign next to the job board.

    Some of the free job boards might require posting credits to post the job after a certain number of free postings were used. Those job boards require at least one job board configuration in the Configuration tab (same as for a paid job board). A paid job board has a yellow box with the number of credits available.

    Job board details are available by selecting the dots next to the job board name. Check if you have a sufficient amount of the credits and how many credits will cost posting for defined duration. Credit information is calculated based on information stored in Admin CenterManage Recruiting PostingMy Job BoardsContracts. If information entered in this section is incorrect, job board credits will be calculated inaccurately. This will impact not only the posting process but also the results displayed in Advanced Analytics reports.

    • If the job board is already selected and the user is able to clear it, the job will not be posted to this job board. This job board is marked as pre-selected in Recruiting Posting settings.

    • If the job board is already selected and the user is not able to clear it, the job will be posted to this job board. This job board is marked as a mandatory job board for this posting profile in Recruiting Posting settings.

    • If the job board is available and not selected, the job is marked as available in Recruiting Posting settings.

    These settings can be updated in Admin CenterManage Recruiting PostingMy Job BoardsPosting Profiles & Groups.

    A job board is grayed out if there are no more credits available or no configuration is active for the posting profile.

  • Job Boards languages: It is possible to post job requisition in different languages. These languages have to be enabled in Provisioning and job requisition has to be created in these languages.

    A few job boards allow a user to post one job in several languages at the same time (for example, LinkedIn). That means you can select all available job requisition languages in the job board selection step if they are supported by the job board and complete the posting form in each set language. Most of the job boards allow several languages but job requisition can be posted in only one language at a time. The list of available job board languages depends on which languages the job board handles.

  • School Job Boards: In this section, the user finds the available school job boards that are associated with the user’s selected posting profile. Schools are tagged in the Recruiting Posting backend, depending on the type of job they accept to broadcast. For instance, some schools will post jobs on the alumni network only; others will handle all job type distribution. Select the distribution channel you want your job to be posted on among the following types: Alumni, First Job, Internship-Apprenticeship.

Complete job-board-specific fields

Review and complete information in this section as requested. Information in the common fields are sent to all job boards that were selected in the previous step. They are same for all job boards selected in the previous step. Job boards might also have fields that are specific to each of them. Therefore, this information needs to be completed separately for each job board selected in the previous step.

A user can choose to view only the required and auto-populated fields by selecting the Display required and filled fields option on the job posting page.

Review the job posting information and post the job

Review the available information and make sure that it is correct. If anything needs to be updated in the future for the job posting, the customer might be charged additional job board credits, depending on the contract with the job board.

The URL displayed is the career site page where the job requisition is hosted. When selecting the Apply button on the Job Board page, candidates will be redirected to this particular URL. It can be the Recruiting Marketing career site URL or the Recruiting Management career site URL, depending on the technology used to build the career site.

To post the job, click Submit in the bottom-right corner. Once the job is posted, you are redirected to the job posting page in the Recruiting section. Note that it is not possible to see if the job was posted with Recruiting Posting when you are on the Job Posting page of Recruiting Management.

Review applicants

A recruiter can easily identify candidates that have applied for the job through job boards in the Candidate Source column.

Automated Posting of Jobs on Job Boards

Recruiting Posting leverages the Intelligent Service Center framework to automate the posting of jobs to job boards. When a job requisition is posted to an external career site, an event is published in SAP SuccessFactors. A subscriber available in Recruiting receives the event email notifications and acts on it based on the activity that you’ve configured for the event in Intelligent Services Center. The activities are referred to as flows in Intelligent Services Center.

To automate the posting of jobs, a workflow must be configured to set your business rules and time when to automatically post jobs on job boards. In the case that the start date is set to future-dated posting in Recruiting, then the trigger automatically posts the job based on the delay set in days or weeks from the future date.

To configure a workflow, proceed as follows:

  1. Set the Posting Profile Preselection, Job Board Preselection, and Field Completion Rules in Manage Recruiting Posting. This will ensure that the job is posted to the pre-selected job boards using the correct posting profile, with all job requisition data intact.

  2. Enable the Intelligent Service Center (ISC) in Provisioning.

  3. Enable role-based permissions for ISC.

  4. Create a flow in ISC for the Initiate Job Posting event and add the Automated Job Posting Subscriber activity to the flow.

Several important considerations include the following:

  • Automated posting works only on the first external posting of the job requisition. If the job is removed from the career site and posted again on the career site, then the job isn’t automatically posted.

  • Automated job posting isn’t automatically reposted on job boards even though the job requisition is still open. For example, if a job requisition is open for 60 days and the duration of the posting on a job board is 30 days, then the recruiter has to manually repost the job on the job board. Use the Repost option in the Job Posting Status table of the job requisition to repost the jobs to job boards.

Maintenance of the Job Posting

To maintain a job posting, recruiters can take actions directly from the Job Posting page of the Job Requisition such as repost, edit job posting, add a job board, and remove a post.

When there is an issue with a job posting, recruiters can access the job board logs in the Job Posting table section of the Job Posting page. Recruiters can contact the job board and use the downloaded logs as a reference to resolve a job posting issue.

Note that some logs may be unavailable due to privacy concerns because they contain confidential data about other customers.

Job Posting Visibility

You can view all posted jobs in the Job Board Posting Table, irrespective of whether or not you are associated with the posting profile the job requisition has been posted with by maintaining the Job Posting Visibility option in Manage Recruiting PostingSettings.

To ensure that all Recruiting users have visibility into all job board postings for different job requisitions, the Job Posting Visibility option available in the Manage Recruiting PostingEdit SettingsJob Posting Visibility option will need to be disabled.

If the Job Posting Visibility option is enabled, only the Recruiting users associated with the posting profile used to post the job requisition will be able to see the job board posting details.

By disabling the Job Posting Visibility option in the Manage Recruiting PostingSettings, Recruiting users will be able to re-post an expired or deactivated job using another posting profile.

Posted Jobs

Job posting can be managed through RecruitingJob PostingJob Board PostingPost and Manage Jobs. Once the job is posted to at least one job board, the Job Board status table dashboard is available. To post the same job to additional job boards, select Add Job Board on the left side.

In the top-left corner, the following information is displayed:

  • Basic job information: Information that is entered on job posting.

  • Number of clicks: This count is based on the number of clicks on Apply from the job board site which redirects the candidate to the customer’s external career site.

  • Total job posting cost: How many posting credits were used so far for this specific job posting on all job boards the job was posted to.

From the Action menu in the top-right corner, you can do the following:

  • View details of the job posting

  • Edit existing job posting: Leads to the job posting step 2, complete specific fields.

  • Unpublish job posting: All job postings will be removed from all job boards. Note that if you want to remove the job from one job board only, select the icon next to the job board name. You will be able to repost all job postings at once afterwards.

  • Export to PDF

Note that some job boards may charge additional job board credits if any update is made to existing posting. Check directly with the job board, Recruiting Posting team, or documentation available in the job coard catalog if you need more information.

In the Job Boards section, you can do the following:

  • Add Job Board: This action will redirect you to the first step of the Job Posting Process. Complete the missing information and post the job.

  • Export to Excel: Through the display options, you can select the Excel columns you want to add to your Excel export.

  • Check Posting and Expire date.

  • Status of posting:

    • Online: Job is available on job board.

    • Offline: Job is not available on job board.

    • Pending: Job is not yet posted to job board.

Display options on the right side allows the user to manage information display in the dashboard. The user can also select information that should be available in the Excel export.

Job Board Efficiency

The efficiency of any job board can be checked through Advanced Analytics once the customer has Recruiting Marketing implemented. Note that the Advanced Analytics topic is covered in THR84, SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing academy course.

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