Reviewing Candidate Applications

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure filters and display on the Candidate Workbench
  • Perform candidate mass dispositioning

Filters on the Candidate Workbench

When viewing candidates that have applied for the job, you can display only active candidates or all candidates. If you are viewing only active candidates, disqualified statuses are excluded, and role permissions are obeyed.

It is possible to filter candidates by many different filters on the Candidate Summary page by using Filter Options:

  • Candidate type: Internal or External
  • Name: Allows for partial matches (first name, last name, middle name) and supports special characters
  • Email Address: Email address that exactly matches or you can search by using the domain name only (for example,
  • Viewed: Applications that are new or have already been viewed
  • Last Updated: Application has been updated in the last x number of days
  • Location Fields: Country, state, and city cascading picklists are supported as filter options

Additional standard and custom fields that are configured on the candidate profile can be used as additional filter options. Candidate Contact and Application data can be used as additional filter options.

Candidate Mass Disposition

Another feature of the system is the ability to quickly disposition many candidates at once.

Candidate Disposition

Candidates can be manually dispositioned or automatically dispositioned based on the status of the requisition.

  • Automatic: When the requisition is closed, all remaining candidates are automatically dispositioned to a status of "Requisition Closed" (if the status is enabled).

  • Manual: To manually disposition, follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the candidate summary for the selected job.

    2. In the Candidates section, select the entire group of applicants to move to the next step or just a few.

    3. Select the appropriate disposition action for the candidates.

    4. Select the appropriate status for the disposition.

    5. The status will be updated on the candidate summary.

You can also drag and drop the candidates to the appropriate status using the grips.

Typeahead Support

The standard and custom picklist fields on the Job Application portlets in applicant workbench support the Typeahead feature, where selecting the textbox displays the available picklist values.

Typeahead is supported only for fields whose type is defined as picklist in the Job Application template and has a picklist id in the picklist center. Typeahead is supported for the following Job Application portlets in the applicant workbench:

  • Application portlets
  • Background fields portlets like Formal education, Previous employment and Work experience
  • More information portlets

Note that the Application Status field appearing in the Job Application portlets does not support Typeahead.

Apply for a Job

Business Example

Apply for a job that has been posted.

Task 1: Apply to the Opening


  1. Copy the internal private posting link from the job you have posted in previous exercise

  2. Open the link in the new browser window

  3. Click Apply. Candidate Profile will display. Review the information and complete the mandatory fields if needed.

    You will be working with Candidate Profile in more detail in another module
  4. Click Next at the bottom of the screen

  5. Review the information at the candidate application. If needed, complete the mandatory fields

  6. Select Apply to complete the process

  7. Apply as an external candidate from the Career Portal you created earlier. Use the External Private Posting link that you have created in previous exercise and follow the above steps

  8. Are there differences between the internal and external applications? Do you know why?

    You will view applicants and applications from the recruiting team’s perspectives in more detail in another module.

Task 2: Search for the Candidate


  1. As the recruiter, navigate to Recruiting and select the Candidates tab.

  2. Search for the candidate used to apply to the job in the previous task.

Review Candidate Applications

Business Example

Once candidates have applied to posted jobs, the candidate summary page provides a quick view into applicant information and statuses on the talent pipeline, along with the ability to move candidates from one status to another. In this exercise, you will act as the recruiter and review candidate details and advance candidates through the talent pipeline.

Task 1: View Candidates as the Recruiter


  1. Log in as an administrator and navigate to Admin CenterRecruitingEdit Applicant Status Configuration.

  2. Check each status and make sure the recruiter can select AND view all statuses. Be sure to save any necessary changes.

    1. Find the first status you want to check and hover over Action. Select Edit to open the details of that status.

    2. Scroll down the page to view Viewable By settings. Make sure Recruiter is checked.

    3. Scroll down and view Selectable By settings. Make sure Recruiter is checked.

    4. Save your settings on the status.

    5. Save the settings on the Status Set.

    6. Repeat steps a) to e) for all other statuses.

  3. Log in as (proxy to) the recruiter.

    1. Proxy as the recruiter and navigate to Recruiting.

  4. Open the candidate summary for the posted job with applicants.

    1. Find a job with candidates and open the Candidate Summary page.

  5. Review the Talent Pipeline at the top of the page and cross-check this pipeline with the candidate statuses you created in a previous module. Do they match?

  6. Select a candidate to review. Check these items (you may need to log in as the candidate for cross-referencing):

    • Candidate Contact Information – Does it match the candidate’s information from the profile?

    • Can you view the resumé?

    • Can you send an email to the candidate?

Task 2: Move Candidates (Individually and in Bulk)


  1. As the recruiter, move both candidates simultaneously from the New Applicant status to the next status on the pipeline.

    1. From the Action column, select both candidates by selecting the checkbox next to their names.

    2. Under Action, click Advance Candidate.

  2. Now move only one candidate to the next status in the pipeline, using a different method to move them.

    1. Drag and drop a candidate into the appropriate status.


    2. Open the candidate details and select Move Candidate, select the next status, and then choose Save.


    3. Update the Candidate Status dropdown menu.

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