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Which statement is recommended regarding the available BPMN 2.0 element pallet?
Choose the correct answer.
What are Overlays used for? Select all correct answers.
There are two correct answers.
The process management team would like to disable the option to subscribe to processes and folders in general. What would you, as administrator, say?
Choose the correct answer.
For quality assurance, it's required to ensure that new dictionary created by modelers get checked by a quality team before. How can this be approached?
Choose the correct answer.
How can confidential processes be managed separately?
Choose the correct answer.
The process management team has decided to consider also the information which IT-System has been used in tasks of a business process. What would you recommend and do?
Choose the correct answer.
What can an administrator do to keep the workspace "clean and organized"?
There are two correct answers.
All modelers can create their custom subset of BPMN elements.
Choose the correct answer.
The information and theming of Collaboration Hub can be customized to specific user groups.
Choose the correct answer.
In the Collaboration Hub you can select which icons you want to show per default on a process diagram. Also, the Hub user can select the Overlays and make them visible. Who can access the folder "My documents"? 
Choose the correct answer.

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