Understanding Metrics

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use the extension of the standard SAP Signavio Process Intelligence

SiGNAL Metric Library

Process Intelligence provides a set of metrics that includes predefined SiGNAL expressions. This library of metrics can be reused to calculate KPIs.

Some predefined metrics work directly without customizing them. Some, on the other hand, contain variables that may need to be adjusted. The predefined SiGNAL code of the metric can also be customized.

In addition, metrics can be shared between different workspaces by exporting and importing. Pay attention to the user roles, depending on the role in the process, certain functions are available regarding metrics:

Users with the manager role can do the following options:

  • Add metrics to a process
  • Customize existing metrics
  • Create own metrics
  • Share metrics between workspaces by exporting and importing

Users with the manager or analyst role can add metrics to investigations. They have the following options:

  • Configure widgets to display the output of a metric
  • Add a metric bar with pre-configured widgets

Metric Library

The metric Library is an integrated part and does not require any further setup or installation in the SAP Signavio Process Intelligence.

A SiGNAL Metric is a packaged and editable SiGNAL statement to calculate and analyze metrics to obtain business insights.

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Business Rules, Variables and Metrics

Process Diagnostic Metrics

The following process diagnostic metrics are predefined and available in the library.

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Process Diagnostic Metrics

Process Types

How to Create a Metric?

Reminder: You need the administrator role for a process to use these functions.

You can create a metric in following ways:

  • Add metrics from the library
  • Create your own metrics
  • Upload metrics from a json file

Once you have created a metric for your process, all users can reuse these metrics in the investigations. A manager or analyst role is required to reuse metrics in the investigations.

Watch the video below to learn how to add a metric.
Watch the video below to learn how to reuse a metric.

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