Workspace Settings

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Personalize and customize your company’s workspace

General Workspace Settings

Setting Up Your Workspace

Now, that we understand the administrator's role, let's see how to set up your workspace. 

Because some configuration and access rights depend on each other, we recommend following in order of this eLearning.

Configure General Software Settings

Let's first look at our general workplace settings for all modelers (Process Manager users) and how we can tailor them to our organization. First, we need to open our General Configuration settings. This allows us to configure our settings for SAP Signavio Explorer, Editor, Help, and General settings.

To start, choose  SetupEdit General Configuration.  Here you can view your:

  • Explorer settings
  • Editor settings
  • Help settings
  • General settings

Let's take a look at the first setting within the Edit General Configuration option - the Explorer. The settings in the image below pertain to the Explorer. Select the buttons to learn more about each setting.


Now that we looked at our Explorer settings, let's take a look at Editor settings. 


In the Editor, you can customize the colors of the color palette. To adjust a color, you can overwrite one of the default hexadecimal values in the palette and press Enter to see the color preview. For implementing custom colors, you can use both RGB and HEX format. It's also helpful to put all custom colors underneath each other so they are organized.


Help Settings

Here, you can enable a set of help options that show news, tips, and best practices for BPMN and our software. You can also create custom help options with links to your intranet, SharePoint, or Wiki-Pages. You can define these settings separately for the Explorer and Collaboration Hub.

Help Settings

General Settings

The last setting in the Explorer is the General settings. Here you can configure the settings of uploading documents or pictures and content subscriptions. 

General Settings

Configure Language Settings

The Editor allows you to select your choice of language for your diagrams. You can translate labels of modeling elements and element documentation to a specific language.  

To avoid confusion, we recommend configuring multiple languages only if you actually use them. When activating multiple languages for your workspace, you need to set a default language. This determines the main language the content will be displayed in for your users. 

Please be aware that as soon as you add additional languages, this will directly impact all content in the SAP Signavio Process Manager (that is Attributes, Dictionary terms, Diagrams). Once you set multiple languages for a workspace, this cannot be undone. 

Watch the video below to learn how you can add and change languages (this video doesn't have audio).

Select the numbers, starting with number 1, to review the Key Takeaways from this lesson. 

Key Takeaways 

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