Performing Searches

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Search for items in the Catalog interface

Search Functionality

"After uploading catalogs, the items will be available for users to search for and purchase through SAP Ariba Buying. In this unit we look at the ways to use the searching options within the catalog interface."

Search Box

The search box shown below is where you can search all items in the catalog. You can search based on name, description, part number, supplier name, and more.

The system uses different functions to make the catalog search more efficient.


Search for battery

Results: battery, batteries


"or" operator allows you to search two or more options.

Exclude operator "-" will exclude terms from results.

Example: paperor plastic bags

Example: cable -USB

Partial Word

Trailing wildcard searching is automatic.

Want to search for polyethylene

Just type poly

Fuzzy Spelling

Similarly spelled results will be returned.

Search for Moniter

Results: Monitors

Below you have an example of search results and also information on how the search engine works.

Searching for Batteries

Search and Relevance

  • Relevance determines the display order of items
  • Catalog re-indexing updates the relevance
  • Higher ranked items display depending:
    • How closely words in the catalog match the search terms
    • Lowest relevance field value of the item in the catalog file
    • Items from preferred suppliers
    • The line item number in the catalog file

Refining Search Results

  • Accessible on left side of page
  • Selections in effect until changed
  • Custom catalog fields are selectable through this menu
  • Provides guidance for the search process
  • Refinement counts help to provide "sense of what is in catalog"
  • Narrows a search result set
  • Supports parametric types

Sorting Search Results

You can sort your search results by:

  • Relevance (how closely result matches your search results) – this is the default sorting method
  • Price
  • Best selling
  • Name

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