Running the Consignment Report for Product Activity Message

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Maintain the parameters required to integrate a Supplier-created Consigment Invoice.
  • Implement a customer exit for a Supplier-created Invoice.
  • Run a consignment report for a Product Activity Message.

Maintaining Consignment Invoice Parameter

To integrate Consignment Invoices created by the Supplier, you must maintain the FINVOICE_ENABLED parameter. To maintain the FINVOICE_ENABLED parameter, Complete the following steps:

  1. Run transaction code SPRO.
  2. Choose SAP Reference IMG.
  3. Choose Integration with Other SAP Components>SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway>Ariba Network Integration>Application Specific Settings>Invoice>Consignment Invoice>Maintain Parameters.
  4. On the Parameters - Consignment Invoice screen, use the following data to maintain the FINVOICE_Enabled parameter
Variable NameField NameNumberLowDescription
FIINVOICE_ENABLEDLeave empty0000To enable, enter X.To disable, leave blank.Enable or disable the SAP Ariba provided implementation in the EXIT_RMVKON00_001 exit for the consignment Invoices.

Implement a Customer Exit


In this simulation, you will learn how to implement a customer exit scheduling agreement release.

To implement a customer exit for Supplier-created Invoices, the steps provided in Unit 4 are identical, aside from the inputs, which are provided in the table below:

ProjectEnhancementShort TextEnhancement Name
ZORRMVKON00Customer Exit for Consignment InvoiceEXIT_RMVKON00_001

Run a Consignment Report

Buyers can use the component inventory overview (ProductActivityMessage) to send details of the components on the SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA system to the contract manufacturer Supplier. To run a Consignment Report, complete the following steps:

  1. Run transaction code ARBCIG_CONS. Alternatively, use SE38 and, in theProgram field, enter ARBCIG_PRODUCT_ACTIVITY_CSG.
  2. Choose Execute.
  3. On the Report for Product Activity Consignmentscreen, select the criteria you wish to use to generate the consignment report.

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