Describing Data Modeling Basics

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the foundational concepts for data modeling

Implement SAP Analytics Cloud Modeling

SAP Analytics Cloud combines Business Intelligence, augmented and predictive analytics, and enterprise planning capabilities in one product, giving you the capability you need in order to make fast, confident decisions. To do this, you need information from SAP Analytics Cloud stories that are based on real time or import models. You can use pre-defined Business Content or you can create your own but in order to so, you need modeling skills.

Business Requirements

In this course, we will address the modeling aspects to implement an analytics solution. In the business requirements listed below, you will get a preview of the kinds of questions that the course addresses. That way, you will have a better idea regarding what questions to ask on your project.

The gathering of business requirements drives the implementation process. The business requirements are normally driven by the stories that are needed for the business users. As the components are set up and the stories are built, it is important to do stress testing as soon as possible, particularly where the stories are complex and have high data volumes. In addition, keep in mind how much your data will grow over time since this may affect performance.

Stories access data from datasets, import models, and live data models:

  • Data sources:
    • What source systems is the data coming from?
    • Is the data accessed via live or import connections?
  • For replicated data scenarios using import connections:
    • Will analytic and/or planning models be used?
    • What dimensions and measures are needed in the models?
    • What dimension properties and hierarchies are needed?
    • Will public or private dimensions be used?
    • Is there a need to do currency translation?
    • What are the time requirements; for example, weekly, monthly, custom hierarchies?
    • Are calculations needed?
    • Are geo maps required?
    • What are the data access control requirements?
  • For real time data scenarios using live connections:
    • What are the touch points to various SAP systems?
Live data can be accessed via live models or with Data Analyzer without a model.

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